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Doom Warrior

Doom Warrior

Genre Type: F2P Duelling MMO
Platform Accessibility: Windows / Linux / Mac / iOS and Android
Development By: Creaky Corpse

In Doom Warrior players are able to rise as an arena combatant, going head-to-head against other opponents in fantasy-based arenas across a huge land, fighting for survival, riches and glory. Starting out as a lowly slave, captured and thrown into the arena to aim the game is to build yourself up, make a name for your champion and prove yourself worthy as your crush opponent after opponent to the cheers of the crowds. This free to play MMO is accessible on various different platforms.

The combat system used in Doom Warrior is particularly simple, using the directional control keys to make different attacks, the WASD keys to respond to an enemy’s attack and try to block them and using powerful abilities imbued in your very armour and weapons using the 1,2,3 keys. The choice of different weapons, fighting styles, key equipment and a various powers there is huge variety of possible combination...

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Genre Type: F2P Base strategy MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: 37games

Siegelord is a mediaeval fantasy-based browser MMO that allows players to fill the role of a recovering Lord seeking revenge after their city was sacked by a powerful enemy. Starting from scratch players are tasked with rebuilding their city, training up new troops to fill their army and seeking out revenge on those who wronged them and exerting dominance over the rest of the continent. The game is playable through your Internet browser and is completely free to play with a Recharge/VIP premium option for players wishing to spend real-world currency to get extra perks and advantages.

Players will start out, after a short introduction to the game, by choosing faction that they wish to join, with three major forces battling it out for the lands of Thieden in an endless war of exchanging territories. Each of the three factions has its own primary territories as well as a faction bonus for those that swear fealty to it; the K...

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Therian Saga

Therian Saga

Genre Type: F2P MMO RPG
Platform Accessibility: Internet browsers
Development By: Virtys

In Therian Saga players are able to carve out their own path in a free to play fantasy RPG where upon landing on a new mysterious armed only with their name, tools and a weapon players can seek out adventure, glory and fame and make a name for themselves as a legendary Hero. Focusing on open sandbox content players are free to pursue various skills and features to play the game they want to play, working alongside other players and becoming an integral part of the community or helping lead it.

Taking charge of a single Hero the players task is to build a life for themselves, such as one of adventure and embarking on dangerous excursions into the unknown world, discovering and studying mysterious creatures and learning how to tame and train them and heading into deadly dungeons to fight evil enemies in search of treasure and glory. Not everyone rushes to live and die by the sword, for many building up a civilisation in this...

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Lunaria Story

Developed by Reality Squared Games, Lunaria Story is a 2D side scrolling browser MMORPG, which takes players to the colorful and vibrant world of Lunaria. In the game players can complete exciting missions to earn equipment and money, challenge other players in PvP battles, fight against lots monsters, create all kinds of items, and train and merge their pets to make them more powerful.

In Lunaria Story, dark forces have stolen and corrupted the Tablets of Power, gifted by the gods to the people. Also these evil forces have released an evil energy which has permeated the land. And now the players have to find these dark forces, and defeat them.

The game features three classes, Elementalist, Hunter and Swordsman each one with its unique skills and abilities. The Elementalist can conjure devastating spells from the distance to destroy its enemies. The Hunter is skilled using guns and bombs to obliterate monsters. The Swordsman is known to be able to cut his enemies in slices.

Lunaria Story includes an AFK mode which allows char...

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Magic Barrage

This action-based, bullet dodging MMO RPG published by R2Games and developed by Gameguyz transport players into a fantasy realm where the now twisted Dragon Crassus has fallen to the corruption of his soul weapon, used to tempt unknowing soul it has shadowed the powerful creatures mind. In doing so Crassus has now risen up a powerful army of evil demons that he intends to use to destroy humans everywhere, taking them to the very brink of extinction. Whilst Crassus plans his next move so to do the humans as they rally the heroic descendants that once fought this legendary creature. You are one such hero.

Magic Barrage is a classic 2-D MMORPG that uses 8-bit pixels to create a nostalgic retro game but modernised with all current staple MMO RPG features such as questing, dungeon crawling, crafting, Guilds, arena PVP and even collecting pet companions. Players can quickly access the game through Google+ or Facebook as the game requires no download to play and can be instantly played in your favourite Internet web browser.

There are ...

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Eternal Saga

Developed by Reality Squared Games for internet browser, Eternal Saga is a free-to-play MMORPG which let you explore new worlds while fighting a fierce demon Invasion. Team up with your friends, build a unique and powerful set of skills and fight powerful enemies.

During their adventure in the beautiful world of Eternal Saga, players will meet several type of mounts and pets which are useful steeds and loyal companions. The pets will help the players during the battles against the other factions in both PvP and PvE. They can be raised to fight at your side, boosting your Battle Rating. Pets can also be upgraded to improve their attribute values. There are also a variety of mounts which can be collected. Players can feed their mounts with old equipment in order to improve them. They will start with a simple paper airplane as mount and they have the chance to improve it or find new mounts.

In this game you can enjoy a number of interesting activities, such as multiplayer and single player game modes, and daily events. The PvP mod...

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