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The Pimps

The Bronx is the place to be -The Pimps: pimp up ya life!

As an Original Gangster (OG) you need to be presentable:This is no place for deadheads - action is the word of the day. The status symbols for your own "street credibility" are nothing to laugh at: first you're going to need a reliable set of wheels! Pimp my ride - that is the OG motto in The Pimps.

The player chooses his district from over 200 cities in the United States or Europe; From here on out you're out to do some big business! Which rims do you need, what does the right outfit look like, and how cool does the OG look in front of his homies? Here you have a chance to outfit your gang with weapons and lead them in the Fight of Honor.

Who's got the broadest shoulders and squeezes everyone out of business?

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MiraMagia is a mmorpg browser based developed by Travian Games. The game is completely free and let the player to choose from four classes to play: Mage, Druid, Sorcerer and Shaman. The game can be played directly from your browser without any type of month-fee. In game there will be a lot of things to do, about the managerial part of your character.The ambient and the graphic are very nice and that is one of the aspect that put MiraMagia with the best browser game around that have the best technical part....

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Mu Classic

MU Classic

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: NGames

MU Classic is a 3D online RPG that allows players to explore the world as one of five unique classes, embarking on an epic quest with themselves as the main protagonist and hero of the realm in the fight against the rising evil that threatens the world. Players will get the chance to acquire powerful items through challenging PVE content and go up against other players in one-on-one duels and huge Guild V Guild combat events. The game is completely free to play and players can access it through their preferred Internet browser and do not need to install any browser plug-ins or install a game client.

When first entering the game players will be able to choose between three primary classes: the Muse Elf, Soul Master and Blade Knight, with the Magic Gladiator and Darklord being reserved to higher levelled players that have already unlocked them for their account. Muse Elf characters are exceptional ranged combatants that can damage the...

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Battle for Gea

Battle for Gea
Genre Type: F2P Card Trading MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Iron Belt Studios

This strategic fantasy-based trading card game is a free to play MMO that allows players to earn around 300 unique cards to build up a powerful deck and use their strategy and tactical prowess to defeat challenging AI opponents as well as real world players in 1v1 duels. Cards are divided into a variety of factions and unit types and depending upon the build of a players deck can create countless opportunities and strategies in the game forcing players to react to each individual battle in a unique way. Battle for Gea can be played directly through your Internet browser with no client download needed and a quick and easy registration process to allow players to gain access to the game effortlessly.

The various cards in the game are divided among ten different factions, each of which are split into one of three different Forces (allegiances); Chaos, Neutral and Order, players are able to build a deck from the a...

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Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is a unique online multi-player card game. Each card represents a character (some of which are based on real people or well-known fictional characters). Each character has a specific Power and Damage, and belongs to a clan. Some cards have abilities that are either triggered or countered by another card's ability. However, a card should be at a certain level to reach that ability.
Free registration gives a player 8 character cards; further cards can be purchased or traded on the second hand card market.
Four new characters usually for two different clans are added every two weeks. Sometimes 6 characters are added, usually for a new clan or special event such as Christmas.
Usually every 6 months a new clan will come out, the newest clan released is the Skeelz clan and previously the Jungo clan.
Once youíve selected your deck (typically 8 cards but can be more) you head to the relevant game room and can either challenge players direct or use the auto challenge feature to find an opponent quickly. Four cards ...

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United Eleven

United Eleven

Genre Type: F2P Socer/Football Manager MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Nexon

United Eleven allows players to stand on the sidelines of a football pitch in the shoes of a club manager as they watched their team that they have personally assembled play against other real-world player teams. This free to play strategy based football/soccer MMO is an exciting game of tactics and team building that can be played in your web browser or on multiple mobile devices with full app support and cross compatibility.

In the game managers are responsible for assembling a superstar squad made from actual officially licensed real-world players from many of the top leagues in Europe. Each player has their own stats, often derived from the performance of their real-world counterpart, and it is the managerís job to put together a cohesive team that shows a strong unity, a vital component to the game. Where individual players may perform well it is important that they perform well as a team and various eleme...

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