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Imperia Online

In the world of Imperia Online, the burden of the crown can be shared!

It's a dark and cruel age, where Fortune favors the strong and where one's rights are asserted by the sword. It is in this realm, full of treacherous neighbors and ambitious rulers, that you must transcend your humble origins and carve out a seat of power for yourself.

Rally your loyal subjects and put them to work, laying the foundations of your great Empire. Diligent workers will labor for your treasury day and night; within the halls of your universities and academies wise scholars will research the technologies needed to give you an edge; and your industrious spies will scour foreign lands and cities, looking for new opportunities for you to stake your claim.

Acquaint yourself with the Great People in your court, and exploit their talents to your advantage. A wise Governor can fill your coffers to the brink, or help you raise an impressive army. A brave General can turn the tide of even the most desperate battle, or his skills can preserve the live...

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Crystal Saga

Published by R2games, Crystal Saga is a free to play 2.5D browser based MMORPG set in the mystical fantasy world of Vidalia filled with winged creatures and fierce enemies, following the mysterious tale of the broken Crystal of Life. The game offers a vast virtual world, and is supported by a captivating and detailed storyline.

There are several features in Crystal Saga to keep you occupied. One of them is combat, and players have to face hordes of hostile monsters lurking in the dark and gloomy dungeons of Crystal Saga. If you feel the challenge is too difficult, you can always find a group and take down together the wild beasts and barbarians, gaining glory and equipment to aid your progress. Taming a slew of available pets, will also help you and your group in battle. The game offers a lot of options and features for pets. In addition to combat, players must also embark on numerous quests of all kinds, and to make it easy the Pathfinding feature will automatically direct the players to the quest location. These quests include d...

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Shadow Kings: Dark Ages

Shadow Kings: Dark Ages

Genre Type: F2P City Building MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Goodgame Studios

In Shadow Kings: Dark Ages the realm is under attack by hordes of Shadow Orcs, beset on levelling civilization and wiping out all the cities of the kingdom, as the ruler of one such city it is your duty to defend the realm and destroy these barbarians, while struggling to progress your own city in the face of competition from other player city rivals. Shadow Kings is a classic city building strategy MMO where players must gather resources, advance their city through a variety of features and buildings, train the most powerful army that they can and use it to defend their lands and bringing their opposition to heel. As the game is a browser-based free to play MMO players can enjoy it on most systems, and even on their tablets whilst there are on the move.

A city can only progress if it has the necessary resources to do so, valuable components that go into constructing every building, training, milita...

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Developed by 7 ROAD, Wartune is a free-to-play fantasy MMO mixing up classic RPG elements with strategy features. You’re able enjoy its unique action-packed gameplay in any major web browser. The turn-based combat of the game offers players the possibility to directly be involved in the fight due to the unique Quick Time Event (QTE) combat system.

The world of Wartune severely suffered from a war waged by a mighty fire demon and his underworld legions that has almost lasted a thousand years turning everything into desolate deserts and marshes. After choosing their hero from the three classes available in the game, warrior, mage or archer, players are able to dive into this desperate world of chaos in order to fight for order with unique and powerful abilities and to protect and manage the city of their own. When exploring the huge game world, they will encounter various NPCs that will supply quests to complete. There four types of quest: main, optional, daily, event. During their journey, players will also find all sorts of monst...

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Pirate Galaxy

Developed by Splitscreen Studios for Windows, Pirate Galaxy is a browser-based, massively multiplayer online game. It’s free to play and provides real time 3D graphics directly in your browser. Set in a distant future, the game will allow the Players to unfold the story about the resistance of mankind against an alien species called “Mantis”. Enjoy fast-paced, tactical spaceship combats, become part of a spectacular storyline and invite your friends on exciting missions against the unite enemy.

In this game players can join and create fleets, which work as guilds in other games Different fleets can compete for the control of a planet and everything that comes with it in the interplanetary conquest mode. When a planet is available for conquest mode, competing fleets may conquer the planet by capturing and holding a number of strategic locations on the planet. The fleet that holds these points the longest has conquered the planet. A conquered planet brings the victorious fleet a bonus equivalent to the Mantis Cyronite in that sta...

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DarkOrbit Reloaded

DarkOrbit Reloaded

Genre Type: F2P Space Strategy MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Bigpoint

In DarkOrbit Reloaded players are pilots of their own starship in the employment of one of three Company factions that have settled in this sector of space: Venus Resources Unlimited, Earth Industries Corporation and Mars Mining Operations. Pitted against each other in an ongoing battle for territory and valuable resources, these three factions and their loyal pilots will do battle across the open theatre of war of space as well as fighting against the ongoing alien threats that challenge their arrival in this part of the Galaxy. Dark Orbit Reloaded can be played directly through your web browser or through Facebook and is completely free to play.

Whilst offering the same fast paced exciting gameplay, Dark Orbit Reloaded now comes with a pristine 3D look having been reworked for months to offer both an improved look and graphical performance for players with special effects and 3D draw distance bringing the gam...

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