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Kingdom Rift

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2 Games

A world in turmoil and you will rise as the Chosen One, the hero destined to drive back the evil forces that promised to bring destruction upon the world as the seven deadly sins are unleashed and the world itself is on the brink of the abyss. Playing from one of three powerful classes, a Warrior, Hunter or Warlock players will explore a deep and immersive world with extensive story driven content as they go up against challenging AI enemies or test their skills against real-world players in the Arena. Kingdom Rift is a free to play browser-based MMO RPG that can be accessed directly through your web browser and has an optional micro-transaction system as well as various tiers of membership subscription.

The main focus of the game is for players to level up their character, acquire powerful gear items, recruit companion Goddesses and work towards becoming the highest ranked player in the game, the ultimate goal and achievement. By completing quests players will in turn be rewarded with Silver currency and experience points which will automatically level them up, give players access to new features and allow them to improve their own skills.

Each Class has their own unique skills that they will unlock, these skills can be accessed from the main hotkey bar when in battle and will perform powerful attacks and other impressive feats. Each time a player levels up they gain a Skill Points that they can use to further improve their Class Skills, making them more powerful. Players have the option of fighting battles manually by choosing which attacks to make, each Skill can only be performed providing the player has built up enough Rage and the skill is not on a cool down from being used. However, there are many automated systems that allow players to automatically fight enemies, even to the point where players can step away from the computer and hit the AFK feature to automatically kill enemies in the area, particularly useful for grinding mobs for XP.

There are various events and features in the game that players can participate in such as the Seven Deadly Sins World Bosses, from level 35 players are able to access a dungeon with the rest of the server in an attempt to fight the world boss, any players enter the dungeon will receive their own rewards that are based on the amount of damage that a player manages to deal to the boss itself, the top 10 damage dealing players will also gain additional rewards. Players are also able to participate in the Gladiators feature, and arena battle that allows players to fight against each other to gain powerful gear sets, extensive rewards and a unique title that identifies them as the champion of the arena.

The game features an in game cash shop where players can purchase buffs and other items such as Enhancement Scrolls, Shards as well as resources needed to level up Goddesses and Mounts by spending the in game premium Gold currency, which players can earn through later game features or by purchasing with real-world money.

Kingdom Rift screenshot: