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Let's Farm

Letís Farm

GameGenre: Free to Play Farming MMORPG
Platforms: Internet Browser
Development Studio: Ten Square Games

Letís Farm is a casual colourful and family friendly free to play MMO that players can join directly through their preferred Internet browser, signing up through the website and playing instantly without having to download any game client. The game revolves around constructing and improving your own farm and managing your assets to try and slowly expand unlocking new buildings and improving your overall farm production. The game is free to play with a premium currency option that players can buy with real-world currency, however everything is available simply by playing.

Players will start out at level 1 with a handful of chosen buildings to help them get started, including three fields in which they can sow seeds and grow their own crops, fruits and vegetables that can be used to feed the household or taken to market to sell, giving the player money to purchase other needed things for the farm. At the beginning of the game there are only a small selection of buildings that you can construct and seeds that you can purchase from market. However as players gain XP and level up they will gain access to even more buildings, more seeds and produce from the markets, unlock new areas on which to build so that they can expand their farm into unique locations and unlock a variety of new features.

Players have their entire open farmland to build upon, each building, field, taking up a certain number of squares in space, limiting players to how much they can build on a plot of land. Players can position their buildings where ever they like on their land, looting them and rotating them so that they can choose an ideal layout for their farm, although this serves no purpose other than an aesthetic look and players are free to move and rotate their buildings later on even after they have been constructed.

Construction of buildings and production of different resources can take a certain amount of time anything from minutes to hours of real-world time and so players have the option of either waiting until this construction/production process has been completed or they can spend the diamonds premium currency to rush and instantly complete the process. Players will earn diamonds as they level up the game, or as mentioned they can purchase them with money.

Players will have access to their task journal where they are given a number of jobs that they can do around the farm, as given to them by the NPC characters from the game from neighbouring farms, who will reward them with XP and currency. Players can also be actively involved in various competitions, taking on daily challenges where they have a certain number of hours to complete attacks in which to gain bonuses and prizes. Finally players can work together to help each other out and improve each otherís farms or give advice and help through the global chat channel that is available.

Let's Farm screenshot: