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Let's Fish

Letís Fish

MMO Type: Free to Play Fishing MMO
Developing Studio: Ten Square Games
Available Platforms: Internet Browser

This browser-based fishing themed free to play MMORPG allows players to experience an exciting fishing simulator where they will travel to various fishery locations, equipped with their own gear items and try to master the art of fishing. The casual, competitive and community driven fishing MMO the game is very easy to play, but fun for those who enjoy a more casual and simplified gaming experience that revolves primarily around achievement unlocking gameplay. Players will earn XP, unlock new gear and compete against other players in many friendly competitions.

The main purpose of the game is to catch different types of fish, typically those that appear in your achievement/quest tracker where players may be tasked with catching tend types of the same fish or successfully catching all the available fish. The primary feature behind the game is unlocking access to new gear and items, players can equip themselves with a number of different items for their fishing tackle set including hooks, lines, bait and rods as their basic necessary tools, each of which are responsible for different things. The rod and lines are directly responsible for the weights of the different fish that you can catch, the stronger the rod and sick of the line the bigger the fish, whereas bait primarily determines what types of fish you will catch.

Working out which fish require which combinations of gear is part of the challenge and various waters can only be fished with specific prerequisite gear and so with hundreds of fish and hundreds of different items there are lots of combinations available to discover. Players can also purchase from the store booster items such as nets which will allow them to catch more fish more easily, many of these items require the premium currency, purchasable with real-world cash, as opposed to the standard in game coin currency. As players unlock gear as they level up so too will they gain points that they can spend in the three different talent trees, used to specialise your fisherman/fisher woman and improve them in key areas.

The mechanics that go toward catching your fish are pretty simple and with the tap of a single button players will cast out their fishing line into the waters and once they have a bite a struggle gauge will pop up. As your hooked fish tries to pull away it will pull the gauge marker into the red, if it pulls it all the way the fish will free itself and escape, however with rapid pressing of the mouse button you will drag the gauge marker in the opposite direction until they finally land their catch. Different gear items will make it easier for players to pull the gauge in the right direction.

Players are able to challenge each other in one-on-one fish-offs or complete in daily challenges and tournaments where the entire community can compete against each other to try and win prizes and bonuses for themselves. With a very community driven game with a global chat channel players are able to help each other and share their achievements through the chat for all to see.

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