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OnePiece Online

OnePiece Online

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: JoyGames

Set in a fantastic age of sail where Pirates assemble to search for the greatest treasure in the world, left behind by the old Pirate King Gold E Rogers, the legendary “One Piece” that will allow them to become the next Pirate King. One Piece is an extremely popular manga comic and anime in Japan and, as with OnePiece Online, primarily follows the adventures of the character Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates. Players will follow in his footsteps and assemble their own ragtag Partners as they work their way through extensive story focused challenges completing quests and fighting many of the known enemies from the series. OnePiece Online can be accessed directly through your web browser and is completely free to play after a quick account registration.

Upon entering the game players will have to choose their primary class, made up of three different characters, players are able to choose the male Sniper who is a dead shot with a gun, the cutesy Devil Fruit User who uses the magical properties of devil fruit and her powerful pets to defeat enemies, or the deadly Swordsman female who is skilled with a blade and a formidable melee combatant. The classes work in a rock paper scissors style where each is stronger than one of the other classes, but weaker against another: Sniper dominates Devil Fruit User, who dominates the Swordsman, who in turn dominates the Sniper. The main thing with class choice is it will primarily determine the types of Partner companion NPC’s that a player may want to recruit into their group and add to their battle Formations, trying to make up for any weaknesses of their own class.

The Partners are the unlikely and often wacky “criminals” that players are able to recruit into their team, by visiting the Tavern and checking out the Bounty board they can see the most wanted Partners in the world. By spending in game money or using earned Vivre Cards players are able to spin the slot machine wheels to gain access to a new Partner, the more they spend the more likely they are to get a higher level character. The Partners have their own stats and qualities which can typically be identified by the colour of the Partners name, a Purple name, Red name or Gold name signifies a more powerful character that has their own attacks and skills that they will use in battle whereas a Blue name Partner requires a specific combination of another specific Partner or item to unlock their abilities.

Combat in the quest-based content is PvE focused where players must defend their Pirate flag from wave after wave of enemies, with their character and Partners fighting in formation against the challenging AI. Their own pirate flag has hit points and if it takes enough damage to reduce it to 0 than players lose the battle, however if they managed to successfully defend it then they will gain XP and items as rewards for their efforts.

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