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Thirty Kingdoms

Thirty Kingdoms

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Bytro Labs

Thirty Kingdoms is an easy to play free MMO where players must build up their own territory, and expand their borders in competition with 29 other players on an enclosed content map, however, this browser-based strategy is extremely hard to master and will challenge players military tactics and diplomacy. Players will work together and in opposition to each other as they all compete to create the largest and greatest kingdom on their continent, trading resources, offering military strength, forming Alliances of their great Houses and ravaging and pillaging each otherís lands in all-out warfare.

In the beginning of the game players will heavily focus on gathering resources and building up a simple defence to protect the five provinces that each play begins with, each province itself will yield one or more types of resources that the player can benefit from. Resources come in various forms, predominantly used as the building blocks for constructing various buildings, homesteadís, workshops and fortifications within your various provincesí settlements, as well as this players will have to acquire food from their farmland to feed the army that they will train up.

Combat is an essential part of the game, PVE will be the main focus in the early game as players send their forces to conquer the various Barbarian villages that are scattered around the map, similarly, until a full 30 players have entered the game the various Houses are run by the AI. However, the mainstay of combat will be PVP focused as ultimately all the AI controlled provinces will fall into the hands of players and so a pacifist life is unlikely as you will be forced to defend your lands against other warmongers. Combat is all completely automated, based off the units that are in a battle as well is their number, and players receive battle reports after a skirmish to let them know the outcome. Players have a wide range of units that they are able to train, from scouts, militia, archers to even more fantasy-based units such as trolls, mages and even dragons!

Whether constructing a building, training a unit or having that unit moves across the map from one province to another, everything in the game takes a more realistic amount of time to complete this and so movement and construction takes hours and days to complete. Players have the option of spending Emeralds, the games premium currency, to rush certain aspects of the game as well is using them to increase troop morale and purchase resources that they may lack to construct a particular building. On its own single game would fall into the casual category as there comes a point where there is little else a player can do once they have all their actions queued up, troops moving and buildings waiting to be constructed, however, players are able to play multiple games at any one time on a single account.

Thirty Kingdoms screenshot: