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Genre Type: F2P RPG MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2Games

Guide you hero to victory in this free to play RPG that can be played through your preferred internet browser, a fantasy MMO of Gods and Demons where your character stands as the central hero of the land. With wonderfully designed graphics and a compelling music score, the game is a story-driven epic with elements of hero building, PVP and PVE, and is suitable for all ages.

When first jumping into the game players must choose their hero; the male Warrior or the female Mage, each are prospective champions and both are powerful combatants with the Warrior focusing on melee combat and more physical attacks and his impenetrable defenses. The Mage, whilst seemingly more fragile, chooses to skirt around the battle and making her attacks from a distance, calling forth thunderbolts, fireballs and icy shards to destroy her enemies. Each class has different skills available to them which completely define their role and playstyle in combat, throughout the process of the game players can improve their characters stats by earning XP and levelling up as well as upgrading skills to make them more powerful and equipping runes to give them improved effects.

Upgrading the player’s character is but one method of improving their overall Battle Rating (BR), a number that represents just how strong they are in comparison to their rival player opponents. Players can gather a variety of resources and materials that can then be used in the Forge to enhance and upgrade each individual piece of equipment that they use, each piece improving a particular stat such as dodge value, defenses, attack damage and more. At around level 22 players unlock their first Mount, an armored bear that they can ride around, they can also upgrade their Mounts to further increase their BR, similarly players can acquire pet eggs and hatch them to give a stat enhancing companion.

The power of the character is only as strong as the players own skill in combat, fighting requires the player to move their character around, using the numerical keyboard keys to perform their various skills, spells and abilities, manage their health and mana/stamina pools and aim their attacks. Attacks are made in the direction of the mouse cursor, or at its location, and lack any tab targeting, which requires more precision; however, players can choose to use the AFK feature to automatically fight certain instanced based encounters.

Combat is key to the game and many of the Events revolve around fighting; there are various Bosses across the different features that can be fought and defeated, earning massive amounts of loot and some materials to help upgrade the character. PVP is a primary feature where players are able to challenge each other to a duel in the Arena, here players battle each other to try and improve their rank, with prizes being handed out each day to those players who have made it into the upper ranks, as well as Honor that can be spent in the Arena’s Honor Shop.

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