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Unlimited Ninja

Unlimited Ninja

Game Style: Free to play MMORPG
Developing Studio: IceGames
Available Platforms: Web Browser

Unlimited Ninja is a browser based MMORPG set in the Naruto universe where players roam the land as a powerful Ninja, recruiting other ninjas to their cause in search of excitement and adventure and battling dark enemy forces. Players must manage their team using strategy to optimise the group for the best performance in combat, typically PVE focused battles with the elements of optional PVP available. Unlimited Ninja is a browser-based MMO that does not need any client download to play the game.

When a player first starts the game there must create their own team leader, their primary character that is responsible for taking the lead with the team and also acts as the primary protagonists of the story arc and quest lines that players progress through. There are a variety of characters available, premade characters that fit into the story, which the player can name freely. Each of the six characters comes in a male or female version and follows one of the three primary martial arts: Ninjitsu, Taijutsu and Genjutsu. Players will then head out across the land, taking on quests for prominent characters that they meet along the way as they unlock the mysteries of the larger story arc that they follow.

A single Ninja is vulnerable in this harsh world and so on their journey players will come across a number of potential companions that can be recruited to join their team and use their combat prowess to help in your quests. Recruited Ninja come fall into one of three available formation positions: Vanguard, Assaulter or Support. The Vanguard Ninja is tough and able to soak up damage from the enemy acting as the main tank for the group, the Assaulter is the main source of damage with a high attack power rating and critical strike, whereas the Supporter is a much more flexible role dependent upon the Ninja that fill that position and can act as a healer, buffer or character able to stun enemies. Every Ninja that is recruited to the team has a unique set of skills and their own stats which give the player an idea of their general speed, crit rate, attack power and more slots to determine their quality and whether they are a better fit for the team in general. Ninjas skills can be upgraded with scrolls and their stats in general can be improved by equipping them more powerful items, weapons and armour which will increase their battle points rating (a visual indicator of how powerful your group is).

There are a variety of form features that players may play in Unlimited Ninja that can be used to gain XP, currency, items and gear, all of which will help grow your ninjas. Players can gain rewards simply by signing into the game each day, being rewarded directly just for playing, or take part in a number of other PVE and PVP features meant to test and challenge players.

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