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Bleach Online

Bleach Online

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: GoGames

Based on the popular Japanese manga Bleach, which has gained wide success with a full complement of feature films, games, comic book and animated series, players will step into that same world and be able to walk among some of the heroes and villains that they are all too familiar with. Sticking true to the show and its ongoing story lines players take on the part of a mysterious soldier, rescued from a battlefield and put into a deep sleep for over 1000 years who has now awoken and is completely unsure of their history and who they were.

In an action packed free to play browser MMORPG players will embark on an epic quest of self-exploration trying to discover who they are and putting their powerful abilities to use whilst helping out the main protagonist of the series, Ichigo Kurosaki in his ongoing fight against the evil spirits that threaten the Human World and those that try to travel between it. Players controllable both their own character and are responsible for recruiting new ally companions to join their party as they do battle against evil in a story driven epic.

There are three main classes to choose from once players have logged in, both female and male versions available: the Spirit Blade, the Kid? and the Ghost Sword. The Spirit Blade is able to use their powers to create a bow and arrow and their skilled marksmanship skills makes them deadly ranged combatants. The Kid? is a wise and intelligent fighter, relying on their cool exterior to dominate their enemies. The Ghost Sword can often be impulsive and open to surrendering to their strengths and ferocity in battle. Each class will determine the players starting stats, abilities and skills for their main hero character, but these can be improved as players level up and acquire more gear and other character and enhancing features. One of the primary ways for a character to level up is to put points into their Soul Map, each character having five Soul Maps available with 10 to 20 soul points that can be spent to upgrade powers and learn new skills; once a player has fully filled a Soul Map it changes the main characters stats and abilities and gives them access to a new map to start filling.

The main purpose of the game is to build up the parties Battle Power by acquiring new ally companions and, along with the players main character, levelling them up and equipping them with epic gear. There are numerous items slots for each character that can be filled with gear of different quality and can be further improved through the fortifying system. Players are able to acquire these types of items through completing various story driven quests, fighting in instanced based dungeons which are activated at various level milestones or gained as rewards for activities such as logging gain, upgrading your accounts VIP status or completing some of the other PVE focused features.

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