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Pirate Galaxy

Developed by Splitscreen Studios for Windows, Pirate Galaxy is a browser-based, massively multiplayer online game. It’s free to play and provides real time 3D graphics directly in your browser. Set in a distant future, the game will allow the Players to unfold the story about the resistance of mankind against an alien species called “Mantis”. Enjoy fast-paced, tactical spaceship combats, become part of a spectacular storyline and invite your friends on exciting missions against the unite enemy.

In this game players can join and create fleets, which work as guilds in other games Different fleets can compete for the control of a planet and everything that comes with it in the interplanetary conquest mode. When a planet is available for conquest mode, competing fleets may conquer the planet by capturing and holding a number of strategic locations on the planet. The fleet that holds these points the longest has conquered the planet. A conquered planet brings the victorious fleet a bonus equivalent to the Mantis Cyronite in that sta...

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Drakensang Online

Developed by Bigpoint, Drakensang Online is an action role-playing game with exceptional graphics and a compelling story with rich details. Drakensang Online is the first adaptation of the Drakensang saga as a free to play MMORPG browser game. Players can complete the many missions of the PVE mode or face other players in the PvP arena. The struggle for freedom and survival of humanity will lead the heroes through many landscapes and countless adventures.

Players can choose to play one of three playable classes, which are the Dragonknight, the Spellweaver and the Ranger, to protect humanity against the creatures of Altera. Other classes should be introduced later.

The multiple opportunities to develop skills and the choice of many weapons and armor enable players to shape a fully customized avatar in order to enjoy the flexibility of the combat system.

The visually stunning game world, with picturesque medieval villages, verdant forests, gloomy swamps and dark caves, was developed using Bigpoint’s Nebula3 engine, allowing ren...

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Forge of Empires

Forde of Empires, In this city management MMORTS you control begin your life as a tribal leader in charge of your primitive Stone Age settlement. Through resource gathering, tool building and technology advancements from the games extensive research tree you will progress through the epochs of history, through the Dark Ages to the Late Middle Ages and beyond. Watch your city grow, help your civilization develop and expand your empire through diplomacy, trade and conquest! With lush graphics, tactical combat and a detailed research tree, building an Empire has never been so fun!...

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Call of War

Call of War

Genre Type: F2P Strategy MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Bytro Labs

It is 1942 and WW2 is underway, the theatre of war is North America and Europe and as of yet the alliances have yet to be forged, the declarations of war yet to be made; as the leader of your own country it is up to you to rewrite history. Call of War (Supremacy 1942) offers real time strategy that allows players to take on the role as leader of their own nation, randomly assigned to one of the many European/ North American countries they will lead their nation in the fight against rising powers seeking to wrest control of the world and be the ultimate conquerors. Playable directly in your web browser and completely free to play, the game is an exciting tactical MMO that can be accessed anywhere.

When players join the game they randomly given one of the different available countries in that particular world/map for the duration of the game’s “round”, once a player has been declared the overall winner then players start ag...

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GoodGame Empire

Ready to play in your favorite web browser, Goodgame Empire puts the player in the role of a young knight who is rewarded with his own castle after successfully leading a perilous battle with the task to expand his small piece of land to an economically and militarily superior empire. In order to achieve that the budding sovereign faces manifold challenges and has to prove his strategic skills in various missions.

Goodgame Empire is a hybrid of a management simulation and a strategy game in which players must fight and win battles against other real players. All players start as young knights in possession of a small castle surrounded by a few cottages. With carefully planned campaigns, tactical aptitude, and the development of a functioning economic cycle, players can become the ruler of a powerful empire. They also have access to a broad range of different military units for tactically complex battles, as well as a comprehensive trading system and various commercial buildings in many different upgrade levels. Step by step, player...

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Dino Storm

Fame and fortune await brave adventurers in the free to play 3D browser game developped by Splitscreen Studios, Dino Storm. With just a few dollars in your pocket, a little ammunition, a loaded laser cannon, and your small dinosaur, you make your way to DinoVille. you are a cowboy riding a dinosaur in the desert trying to make your way to the success by exploring the different areas facing down gigantic herds of dinosaurs and merciless robber bands and starting your thrilling search for valuable items.

A varied game world awaits brave adventurers around DinoVille. Dinosaur herds roam through the canyons, bands of robbers pop up, the environment can be searched for valuable items. The game world is never the same, danger lurks everywhere. Every expedition must be carefully prepared. Buildings such as supply camps, outposts, or goldmines can be found everywhere around DinoVille. You can take control of these buildings. Important buildings allow you to pile up enormous fame and fortune. But be careful, your buildings have to be regula...

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