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Drakensang Online

Developed by Bigpoint, Drakensang Online is an action role-playing game with exceptional graphics and a compelling story with rich details. Drakensang Online is the first adaptation of the Drakensang saga as a free to play MMORPG browser game. Players can complete the many missions of the PVE mode or face other players in the PvP arena. The struggle for freedom and survival of humanity will lead the heroes through many landscapes and countless adventures.

Players can choose to play one of three playable classes, which are the Dragonknight, the Spellweaver and the Ranger, to protect humanity against the creatures of Altera. Other classes should be introduced later.

The multiple opportunities to develop skills and the choice of many weapons and armor enable players to shape a fully customized avatar in order to enjoy the flexibility of the combat system.

The visually stunning game world, with picturesque medieval villages, verdant forests, gloomy swamps and dark caves, was developed using Bigpoint’s Nebula3 engine, allowing rendering an unprecedented level of graphics and 3D effects in a browser game.

Immerse yourself in the epic story that will take you in huge multiplayer battles. Enjoy the cooperative gameplay to explore sinister dungeons, form groups to tackle vile dragons or go bravely into battle alone, to discover glaucous swamps, lush forests, dark caves or PvP arenas. Drakensang Online is suitable for novices and RPG pros alike, as it combines the complexity of a PC RPG with the ease of an intuitive control system.

Drakensang Online screenshot: