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GoodGame Empire

Ready to play in your favorite web browser, Goodgame Empire puts the player in the role of a young knight who is rewarded with his own castle after successfully leading a perilous battle with the task to expand his small piece of land to an economically and militarily superior empire. In order to achieve that the budding sovereign faces manifold challenges and has to prove his strategic skills in various missions.

Goodgame Empire is a hybrid of a management simulation and a strategy game in which players must fight and win battles against other real players. All players start as young knights in possession of a small castle surrounded by a few cottages. With carefully planned campaigns, tactical aptitude, and the development of a functioning economic cycle, players can become the ruler of a powerful empire. They also have access to a broad range of different military units for tactically complex battles, as well as a comprehensive trading system and various commercial buildings in many different upgrade levels. Step by step, players can build their humble little castle into an awe-inspiring bastion. To expand their empires on the enormous, dynamic world map, they can enter into sword brotherhoods and alliances with other rulers in order to continuously extend their spheres of influence.

The game is suited for beginners as well as for advanced players. Apart from an extensive tutorial different advisors support the player with valuable counsel and suggestions. In addition they assign missions that are rewarded with coins, rubies, resources and experience points when completed.

GoodGame Empire screenshot: