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Cultures Online

Developed by Funatics Software, Cultures Online is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG where your hero’s adventure starts in his or her village way in the icy north on an island somewhere in the vicinity of Iceland. Hire more Vikings and decide whether you want them to help you expand your village or to accompany your hero on raiding expeditions. Bear in mind, though, that only your heroes will be able to make the other Vikings in the village work. You choose how your village should develop.

It features adorable heroes and beautiful buildings right in your web browser, an easy-to-learn battle system, tribes and quests, and a massive community to be part of. Your hero’s class is defined by the weapon he or she uses. How well your hero can use that weapon depends on their skills. A strong hero should leave his bow at home and instead pick up a two-handed battleaxe while a very intelligent hero will be deadly with a bow. Each weapon type can be used especially effectively against one type of weapon but might be less effective against...

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Genre Type: F2P RPG MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: 37Games

The Felspire is a mysterious obsidian tower, a landmark in the world of Eremos that is said to be a source of infinite energy and also acts as a power to the underworld itself; many seek to protect the tower whereas there are those who simply wish to control it and the power it will bring them. Rise as a hero of the times in this new fantasy RPG filled with PVE, PVP, questing, crafting and a wide variety of other features, all of which are accessible through your preferred internet browser and completely free to play.

Players have a choice of three character classes to play as: the Mage, Warrior or Archer. The Mage is a ranged AOE specialist able to summon forth the elements and harness their power into powerful destructive spells having mastery over lightning, fire and ice. The Warrior is a strong, physical champion who stands at the forefront of battle, using their heavy armor, high defensed and huge hitpoint pool to protect their...

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Space Pioneers 2

Space Pioneers 2

Genre Type: F2P MMO Strategy
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Looki

Take to the stars in this exciting free to play strategy MMO as you expand your fledgling Empire across a multitude of star systems, seeking out new planets and colonising them to bring them into your own territory as you compete against other rival empires who share similar goals in their rise to the top. This resource management/Empire building MMO offers long-term gameplay with a wide variety of options for players whether they wish to act peacefully and diplomatically towards other players or show their strengths through combat. The game does not require a client download and can be played for free through the official webpage and accessed directly in your chosen web browser.

As with many Empire management games the core of Space Pioneers 2 is to build is to build your Empire up and become one of the strongest players in the game, acquiring resources, colonising planets, raising a strong military fleet and asserting y...

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Tiny Mighty

Tiny Mighty

Genre Type: F2P MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Amzgame

In Tiny Mighty players are tasked with assembling their own team of tiny Heroes, imitating characters from the Marvel franchise the graphical design of the heroes are smaller, fatter versions of official characters but renamed such as Poison (Venom), Grout (Groot), Wolfie (Wolverine), Laser Eyes (Cyclops), Rabid Racoon (Rocket Racoon), Dr Octopi (Dr Octopus) and more. The game follows a quest based progression with automated features, where players must build up their own team and try to improve the power of their collected heroes. The game is a 3D side scrolling MMO that can be played directly through your web browser and is completely free to play.

Starting out with an initial Hero; Dead Man (Ghost Rider) you have a single ability that you can use when in battle; picking up a quest players head into a level and must complete the different stages, unlocking them in order as they are completed. In the battle characters automatically ...

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Rainbow Saga

Rainbow Saga

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: NGames

This fun and colourful MMO role-playing game lets players step into the boots of a rising Guardian sworn to protect the land of Troonmill against the rising threats of the Devil Lord’s army in a story driven RPG that is advanced as players progress through the game. Rainbow Saga is packed full of features focusing primarily on PVE content but offers players the chance to PVP in the Arena, at all times working towards acquiring more powerful items and gear as well as levelling up with XP to gain access to new features and skills. The game is completely free to play and can be played directly through your web browser without the need of a client download.

Rainbow Saga offers a more action packed combat system were players must control their character through a 2-D platformer side scrolling world using the keyboard to move around and attack enemies in real-time combat. The types of attacks that players can make depends upon their Cla...

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Naruto Saga

Naruto Saga is based on popular anime Naruto, now made into a ninja themed MMORPG where players get to take their own journey and become an infamous martial artist. Travel across the world and visits well-known locations and meet popular characters from the series in your adventure. The game is completely free to play and browser-based so no client is needed and you can playedirectly in your Internet browser; with dozens of new features there is plenty to do within the game and hours of online fun.

At the culmination of the first in game quest players are able to choose which can genre they wish to specialise in made up of three different martial arts forms. Ninjutsu practitioners will have improved critical strike chances to deal more damage to the enemy, fighters at utilising Taijutsu and more proficient in blocking techniques reducing the amount of damage taken and those who use Genjutsu are more skilled in dodging manoeuvres and can avoid all damage when triggered.

The biggest feature of the game is no doubt the quests syste...

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