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Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is a unique online multi-player card game. Each card represents a character (some of which are based on real people or well-known fictional characters). Each character has a specific Power and Damage, and belongs to a clan. Some cards have abilities that are either triggered or countered by another card's ability. However, a card should be at a certain level to reach that ability.
Free registration gives a player 8 character cards; further cards can be purchased or traded on the second hand card market.
Four new characters usually for two different clans are added every two weeks. Sometimes 6 characters are added, usually for a new clan or special event such as Christmas.
Usually every 6 months a new clan will come out, the newest clan released is the Skeelz clan and previously the Jungo clan.
Once youíve selected your deck (typically 8 cards but can be more) you head to the relevant game room and can either challenge players direct or use the auto challenge feature to find an opponent quickly. Four cards ...

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United Eleven

United Eleven

Genre Type: F2P Socer/Football Manager MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Nexon

United Eleven allows players to stand on the sidelines of a football pitch in the shoes of a club manager as they watched their team that they have personally assembled play against other real-world player teams. This free to play strategy based football/soccer MMO is an exciting game of tactics and team building that can be played in your web browser or on multiple mobile devices with full app support and cross compatibility.

In the game managers are responsible for assembling a superstar squad made from actual officially licensed real-world players from many of the top leagues in Europe. Each player has their own stats, often derived from the performance of their real-world counterpart, and it is the managerís job to put together a cohesive team that shows a strong unity, a vital component to the game. Where individual players may perform well it is important that they perform well as a team and various eleme...

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Anno Online

Developed by Ubisoft for Internet browsers Anno Online is a free-to-play strategy simulation game focused on economy management and city building. The game upholds the traditional in-depth economics that are the hallmarks of Anno franchise while introducing more extensive and in-depth city management tools to an extent never before seen in these type of browser game.

For the first time ever, the Anno franchise features many multiplayer possibilities, allowing you to visit and help other playerís cities or join guilds and establish trade routes with your friends. Players are going to have the chance to be part of a commercial empire and work together to complete joint goals and server-wide quests.

The most important thing in Anno Online is your main island, because it's where youíll build and improve your flourishing empire. To do that you have to satisfy the demands of your population, constructing buildings, managing the resources or conquering more islands to gain access to new trading routes, unlock new buildings and face n...

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Game Type: F2P Browser Football Management MMO
Platforms: Internet Browser
Developed by: GokickOff

In GoKickOff players are able to manage a soccer/ football team in this free to play browser-based football manager MMO, where you will start off with your own team of low-level players and have to work hard, making strategic choices and building up your squad to climb the ranks of the league tables. Playing against thousands of other players you will be able to make your way into the higher leagues, compete in a variety of different cup tournaments and build up your squad and club in this challenging, social and competitive MMO game.

Building up your squad and bringing in new players is vital to being successful in the game, new players can come from a number of different places, most commonly the player transfer market, but also by training up players in your youth academy and promoting them to the first team. Each player has their own profile and stats to show their strengths and their weaknesses, a good club mana...

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Herokon Online

Herokon Online

Game Type: Free to Play MMO Roleplaying Game
Platforms: Web Browsers
Developed By: Silver Style

Based on the classic tabletop RPG The Dark Eye comes a new browser-based free to play MMO RPG: Herokon Online. Set in a fantasy realm known as Aventuria, heroes arise blessed by magic and divine intervention and head out on an epic journeys to seek out their fortune and become legends like the stories of old. The game encourages group based gameplay with hundreds of quests available and dozens of dangerous dungeons to delve into for treasure and adventure!

There are three different fantasy races that players can choose from, though there are more available in the game that fill out the vast world of Aventuria that players will meet in their journey. The playable classes are the Middenrealmian Humans, widespread race made up of dozens of empires, faiths and cultures they are a diverse and well spread people. The elves of the forests are secluded and secretive in their ways, they are equally well spread settling in t...

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Berserk The Cataclysm

Berserk: The Cataclysm

Genre Type: F2P Card Collecting MMO
Platform Accessibility: iOS, Android, Web Browsers
Development By: Bytex

This free to play card collecting MMO allows players to build up their own mini decks and face off against other players and challenging AI opponents through various game modes and PVE campaigns. With five different Elemental Factions to choose from with over 800 unique collectable cards the game offers a wide variety of tactics and strategy to players where they can try and test their mini Squad decks and then compete in Tournaments and for PVP ranking against players from across the world.

The core of the game revolves around the basic components that make up a card unit, its attack value, its health and the number of turns it takes before the card will automatically enter battle. Whilst the strategy comes in designing a deck, or more accurately a Squad made up of seven cards, once a battle begins the combat is completely automated and relies on a combination of good planning and luck. The Sq...

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