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KingsRoad is a Free to play Fantasy MMORPG, Available Platform: Internet Browser.Developed By: Rumble Games

In Kings Road players are able to play as three different classes on an epic fantasy adventure that pits you against all manner of bad guys and evil creatures on your road to becoming a renowned hero of the land. The game is completely free to play with an in game premium currency (gems) available for players that want a helping hand to quickly access some of the games features, but can be played without paying a penny as gems are frequently earned simply by playing the game as well. The game is playable through your Internet browser and so does not require a client download, the quick registration through the Rumble Games website platform users can be playing in moments, or alternatively join up their Facebook account.

Players have a single character that can switch independently between three different classes by speaking to a town NPC prior to starting a quest. The classes available are Wizard, Knight and Archer, each o...

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Andromeda 5

Developed by XS Software and playable on a number of platforms like PC, MAC and iPad, Andromeda 5 is a free browser based sci-fi game set in space. This game let you play in different modes ranging from free-for-all battles to team-based games and improving your pilot with more than 30 skills while exploring the beauty of 20 magnificent galaxies, fighting anyone from harmless freelancers, traders and space droids to the deadliest pirates, assassins and battlecruisers.

There are both PvP and PvE contents that will make every kind of player happy. PvE players will have a lot of stuff to sink their teeth in, and will have to face a several different alien species like Annihilator, Buccaneer, Distruptor, Droid, Parasite, Trident and more. On the other hand, speaking about PvP, the battles in Andromeda 5 will take place in several arenas on distinctive mini-maps as well as open PvP galaxies. A matchmaking system for arena fights guarantees that players are quite evenly matched with others close to their own level and honour rating.

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Generals of War

Generals of War

Genre Type: F2P Strategy MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Playzo GmbH

Generals of War is a browser-based strategy MMO where players must build up their own military headquarters and forces during World War I in an exciting strategy based, resource management and PVP focused game. Generals of War is a completely free to play MMO and has a variety of premium options using the Diamonds in game premium resource. As a general it is your duty to take charge of your men, lead them into battle and find victory and glory against your rivals and enemies using trade, diplomacy and war to further your cause.

A successful empire is built on the back of resources, in Generals of War there are six basic raw materials that each General will have to acquire, either through trade, diplomacy or conquest: Money, Ammunitions, Gold, Oil, Diesel and Gasoline. These six resources are required for every task within the game, from researching new technologies, constructing buildings within your headquarters or ...

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Might & Magic Heroes Online

Might & Magic Heroes Online

Genre Type: F2P Action RPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Ubisoft

Might & Magic Heroes Online is a free to play browser-based MMO RPG that allows players to adventure across the fantasy realm of Ashan, playing the role as a powerful Hero in one of this world to warring factions: the Necropolis or Haven. With strong story adventure elements and tactical turn-based combat the game allows players to command the entire armies that they will build up, customise, train and used to crush their enemies be they the challenging AI or other rival players.

Ashan is once more at war as the undead necromancers of the Necropolis have risen once more and the Holy Empire of the Haven faction, using their divine powers of the Holy Light, has sworn to eradicate the undead threat once and for all. As a Hero of your own army in one of these factions it is your duty to lay waste to your sworn enemy.

After choosing the Faction you wish to play in there are two different classes of Hero for each ...

Might & Magic Heroes Online screenshot:

The Pride of Taern

The Pride of Taern deals with the history of Taern, a nation that fell victim to the invasion of a hostile empire - the Empire of Utor. The citizens of Taern left their homeland in panic and began a journey into the unknown. They reached the Empire of Haligard and that's where the proper game begins. The Pride of Taern is a dynamic browser MMO that uses isometric prospective: the game world, expanded continuously, encompasses a couple of vast regions, two cities and miles of dungeons, and 160 areas in all. Circa 200 different monsters inhabit the game world - from city guards to vile beasts that thirst for Taernian blood. You can meet around five hundred NPC - refugees from Taern, wanderers, members of Taern resistance movement, characters less or more fantastical (magic tree, undead knight, licentious nymph).

The game has an innovative combat system that requires tactical thinking: a smart player can beat opponents more powerful and leveled than him, and a complex tournament system allows players to fight against everyone else on ...

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Edgeworld is a browser based MMO where your skills in management and in battle are the keys to save the galaxy! The game, easily playable with the web browser without any client to download or to install, begins with a small base located in alien ruins in which there are yet enough resources to develop an army.

The player since beginning is guided by a lot of quest to build in the right way the right buildings: in this way itís easy to learn the importance of the command center (the true main hub of the base necessary to unlock building more and more advanced), of the buildings able to collect resources (the crystal mine, to harvest minerals, the gas refinery, that processes gas to use it in construction or as fuel, the solar plant to get energy and the reactor to process nuclear material necessary to weapons) and so on.
There are four kinds of resources: crystal and gas (needed to create main buildings), energy and uranium (needed to train and to upgrade your army); equally there are four main actions you can carry out to develo...

Edgeworld screenshot:

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