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Genre Type: F2P RPG MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: 37Games

The Felspire is a mysterious obsidian tower, a landmark in the world of Eremos that is said to be a source of infinite energy and also acts as a power to the underworld itself; many seek to protect the tower whereas there are those who simply wish to control it and the power it will bring them. Rise as a hero of the times in this new fantasy RPG filled with PVE, PVP, questing, crafting and a wide variety of other features, all of which are accessible through your preferred internet browser and completely free to play.

Players have a choice of three character classes to play as: the Mage, Warrior or Archer. The Mage is a ranged AOE specialist able to summon forth the elements and harness their power into powerful destructive spells having mastery over lightning, fire and ice. The Warrior is a strong, physical champion who stands at the forefront of battle, using their heavy armor, high defensed and huge hitpoint pool to protect their comrades in combat. The Archer is a swift and deadly long ranged fighter with a keen eye and precision attack, able to keep their opponents at a distance and themselves out of harmís way. Each class has a variety of unique skills available to them, their strengths are based on specific stats that over time they can increase to become even more powerful.

Focusing on a quest based adventure players will be able to take on quests for various NPCs which will advance the main story-arc and take them into new regions and fighting new enemies, rewarding them with XP, gold and items as they go. XP and gold are both used to contribute to making a character stronger by a variety of means; XP will level the character up directly which automatically increases stats and their Combat Power (the overall value based on their stats, abilities, gear and more to show how strong they are). Gold can be used in a variety of ways to buy new items, upgrade gear, and enhance talents to further improve a character.

The Forge system allows players to upgrade and refine their gear in a variety of ways, typically using a specific material acquired from the various events in the game. Players have numerous gear slots for their character that they can equip with different items, armor and weapons. Other items such as wings, mounts and even Pets can also be earned to further enhance a characterís Combat Power, Pets are unique companions that contribute their own stats and abilities to the player and the Pets can be levelled up themselves.

Numerous features are available to players from solo and team based dungeons, World Bosses, PVP battles and even large scaled Guild v Guild wars between the top three guilds on a server; all of these events reward players with great prizes to build up their character, some require a certain item to participate whereas others only happen at scheduled times during the day.

Felspire screenshot: