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Space Pioneers 2

Space Pioneers 2

Genre Type: F2P MMO Strategy
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Looki

Take to the stars in this exciting free to play strategy MMO as you expand your fledgling Empire across a multitude of star systems, seeking out new planets and colonising them to bring them into your own territory as you compete against other rival empires who share similar goals in their rise to the top. This resource management/Empire building MMO offers long-term gameplay with a wide variety of options for players whether they wish to act peacefully and diplomatically towards other players or show their strengths through combat. The game does not require a client download and can be played for free through the official webpage and accessed directly in your chosen web browser.

As with many Empire management games the core of Space Pioneers 2 is to build is to build your Empire up and become one of the strongest players in the game, acquiring resources, colonising planets, raising a strong military fleet and asserting your dominance on the Galaxy. Each player starts with humble beginnings with a single planet that they must advance by researching new technologies that will give them access to a variety of different buildings that they can then construct as part of their base. With a combination of time, resources and necessary technologies players can build a wide variety of facilities that open up new features and mechanics in the game such as building a Trade Outpost to trade resources with other players, Production Plants that will increase the speed of constructing other buildings, Shipyards to start building up the beginnings of your own fleet of ships and a variety of mines and Power Plant structures to power your buildings.

A playerís fleet is a key component to any expanding empire, made up of a variety of different ships such as Colonisation Ships that are used to terraform a new planet and give it a breathable atmosphere as well as Colony Ships used to carry the populous that will settle the planet. Players will also need Cargo Ships to move their resources from place to place and so ultimately will need War Ships to defend not only the vulnerable travelling ships but also the planets themselves. Alternatively a player may desire a large military force for more aggressive play, habitually attacking other playerís planets to try and conquer them and diminish a rivalís power so that they cannot easily contend with the player. There is a selection of different War Ships available, from fast and powerful Destroyer ships, well balanced Battleships and slow, strong but powerful Imperial Cruisers, and a player will need a mix of each type of War Ship in their fleet to ensure they are a well-rounded military force.

Rarely do players survive in the Galaxy on their own, finding new friends and companions to work with form an Alliance is a key to survival, by surrounding yourself with other players that can help defend your territory is the price that is often paid is being brought into larger Alliance versus Alliance conflicts.

Space Pioneers 2 screenshot: