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Rainbow Saga

Rainbow Saga

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: NGames

This fun and colourful MMO role-playing game lets players step into the boots of a rising Guardian sworn to protect the land of Troonmill against the rising threats of the Devil Lord’s army in a story driven RPG that is advanced as players progress through the game. Rainbow Saga is packed full of features focusing primarily on PVE content but offers players the chance to PVP in the Arena, at all times working towards acquiring more powerful items and gear as well as levelling up with XP to gain access to new features and skills. The game is completely free to play and can be played directly through your web browser without the need of a client download.

Rainbow Saga offers a more action packed combat system were players must control their character through a 2-D platformer side scrolling world using the keyboard to move around and attack enemies in real-time combat. The types of attacks that players can make depends upon their Class, chosen when players past their Guardian Trials they can decide to be either a Shadow Ranger, Holy Knight or am Elementalist in their fight against the Devils. The Holy Knight is a melee focused combatant using a shield for higher levels of protection, the Shadow Ranger utilises darts to take down enemies from a distance similar to the ranged Elementalist who conjures magic to defeat their opponents.

The main quest chain is broken down into various stages that players can try to complete, by completing a stage it will unlock the next one in the chain and so focuses on a more linear progression. Stages cost Stamina to enter, which will replenish itself over time or players can spend real-world cash to top up their stamina at a time. Stages provide great challenges and are un locked at various levels, players will have to fight their way through a number of enemies until facing off against the stage Boss who will provide a much greater challenge. Once defeated players are given a star rating for their performance on the stage, rated out of three stars players can earn higher rewards for acquiring all three stars and so are able to go back to a stage at a later time to try and defeated again.

The items that players take into battle can often determine whether they win or lose, a Guardian is only as good as their equipment and so players have the chance to explore a diverse Gear System to modify, Enhance, Upgrade and Refine up to 12 different slot items ranging from weapons, hats, bracelets, necklaces and more.

There are a number of different challenges awaiting players in Rainbow Saga, from the greater challenges of the Instances where players can work alongside other players to tackle even greater Boss encounters or check out the Arena for PVP combat in either solo duels or 5v5 team based battles where players receive Honour to redeem Skill Books and Medals at the shop and Arena Points that determine a players’ PVP/Arena Ranking.

Rainbow Saga screenshot: