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Naruto Saga

Naruto Saga is based on popular anime Naruto, now made into a ninja themed MMORPG where players get to take their own journey and become an infamous martial artist. Travel across the world and visits well-known locations and meet popular characters from the series in your adventure. The game is completely free to play and browser-based so no client is needed and you can playedirectly in your Internet browser; with dozens of new features there is plenty to do within the game and hours of online fun.

At the culmination of the first in game quest players are able to choose which can genre they wish to specialise in made up of three different martial arts forms. Ninjutsu practitioners will have improved critical strike chances to deal more damage to the enemy, fighters at utilising Taijutsu and more proficient in blocking techniques reducing the amount of damage taken and those who use Genjutsu are more skilled in dodging manoeuvres and can avoid all damage when triggered.

The biggest feature of the game is no doubt the quests system where all plots and storylines are connected to the quests, which are picked up automatically when a player triggers a specific condition (doing away with the need to speak to specific NPC’s). Various items and gear can be unlocked by completing the main quest story line and each quest has its own star rating, the top 10 players who complete an instance with a full star rating will get added bonus rewards.

Another key feature of Naruto Saga are the Eight Gates, when a certain level is reached the first gate (the Gate of Opening which boosts HP) will automatically unlock itself. From their every 10 levels players can choose to unlock another gate, each gate giving a different boost to the player. To boost the eight Gates players must fill up the energy of one of the eight Gate levels by smelting crystals/spars, the higher the level of spar the more energy that is given to fill up a gate.

There are a number of different features in the game that players can explore, from Spiritual Beasts that can be collected and summoned in battle to boost their masters abilities, various attribute bonuses unlocking at various levels. Players can create and run their own farm, creating such items as Summoning Fruit that will upgrade their Spiritual Beasts. Also, there is the Transformation feature where players can transform into ten different characters once they have reached certain levels.

Naruto Saga features its own PVP modes: match mode uses a ladder rules and matches two players up that have similar points to each other, arena title players can challenge opponents to earn points that will give them a new title that can be displayed to other players and Bounty is a daily quest that randomly matches a player of an equivalent strength and by defeating this player you gain rewards.

Naruto Saga screenshot: