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Tiny Mighty

Tiny Mighty

Genre Type: F2P MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Amzgame

In Tiny Mighty players are tasked with assembling their own team of tiny Heroes, imitating characters from the Marvel franchise the graphical design of the heroes are smaller, fatter versions of official characters but renamed such as Poison (Venom), Grout (Groot), Wolfie (Wolverine), Laser Eyes (Cyclops), Rabid Racoon (Rocket Racoon), Dr Octopi (Dr Octopus) and more. The game follows a quest based progression with automated features, where players must build up their own team and try to improve the power of their collected heroes. The game is a 3D side scrolling MMO that can be played directly through your web browser and is completely free to play.

Starting out with an initial Hero; Dead Man (Ghost Rider) you have a single ability that you can use when in battle; picking up a quest players head into a level and must complete the different stages, unlocking them in order as they are completed. In the battle characters automatically walk from left to right and automatically attack all the enemies that appear on the screen, progressing through three screens to fight the boss, usually one or more Heroes. When a hero has dealt enough damage to the enemies it builds up a Skill bar that you can trigger to unleash a powerful attack; if playing through the level after having already completed it previously then a full “Auto-Battle” feature is enabled and the AI will also choose when it performs your Skill attacks as well.

Characters can earn gear from completing stages, each stage giving a particular item that will be needed by one or more heroes, with each Hero having 6 different equipment slots and requiring a specific item in each. Once all six gear items have been collected players can Upgrade the character, converting them from a Grey division Hero to a Green Division, then Blue and finally Purple, to signify the power level and rarity of the Hero. Each new Division unlocks a new skill that players can level up that is used in battle with the skill bar, also Heroes now require new, more powerful gear items to equip to be upgraded again.

Players must focus on building up a part of Heroes, attainable through quests, the Tavern or as rewards, and are able to take 5 Heroes into a battle at any one time; they have different roles based on DEX, STR and INT as well as taking a Back, Front or Mid position in battle which determines who they primarily take damage from. There are various features in the game that allow players to acquire Gold to pay for skill upgrades or roll on the Lottery Wheel to gain new items, or Features that will reward players with items directly such as Daily Logins. Gold is the primary earned currency, but players will need Diamonds to refresh their Stamina, a portion of Stamina is used each time a player attempts a level stage; Diamonds are earned through quests but can also be purchased with real world money as they can also be used in the Store to purchase items.

Tiny Mighty screenshot: