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Call of War

Call of War

Genre Type: F2P Strategy MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Bytro Labs

It is 1942 and WW2 is underway, the theatre of war is North America and Europe and as of yet the alliances have yet to be forged, the declarations of war yet to be made; as the leader of your own country it is up to you to rewrite history. Call of War (Supremacy 1942) offers real time strategy that allows players to take on the role as leader of their own nation, randomly assigned to one of the many European/ North American countries they will lead their nation in the fight against rising powers seeking to wrest control of the world and be the ultimate conquerors. Playable directly in your web browser and completely free to play, the game is an exciting tactical MMO that can be accessed anywhere.

When players join the game they randomly given one of the different available countries in that particular world/map for the duration of the game’s “round”, once a player has been declared the overall winner then players start again, meaning there is actual victory conditions and the chance for players to try and do better next time if they fall short of glory. The entire map is broken down into a variety of provinces, each nation starting with control over the real world provinces as part of their country; many of the key provinces have Victory Points associated to them, control the province and acquire Victory Points, acquire enough and you can win the game.

The aim is to spread your power and influence by gathering up more territories, in doing so players will get a number of different resources to help support their nation, as well as some provinces also giving specialty resources needed for productions. Each province has a central location/city where leaders are able to construct a variety of buildings to focus on producing military units, buildings and units all costs resources to build and take time; the more provinces a player has the more quickly they can field a large army, but there are also ongoing resource costs for maintenance of units.

Units are used either to defend your province or attack other players to claim theirs, they are available as Infantry, Air, Armor and Naval, providing players have the necessary building to produce them as well as the relevant technology Research unlocked. Players can research one technology per day, with different tiers in a larger branched tree for each military unit. Another key unit that players can use are Spies, ideal for picking away at a rival to recover intelligence, resources or find out the location of armies or alternatively using them as counter intelligence so that enemies’ can’t perform these types of missions on them.

Players have a newspaper available for their world/map that shows a different issue each day, continuously updated throughout letting players know what key events have happened in their world; who has been attacked, the outcome of battles, and even allows player leaders write messages to each other.

Call of War screenshot: