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Empire Universe 3

Empire Universe 3

Game Style: Free to play MMO Space Strategy (MMORTS)
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: Looki

In Empire Universe 3 players will be able to take on the role of an intergalactic alien commander out to expand the borders of their empires territory, as the primary leader of your own planet players are able to construct their own military bases, raise up an army and begin to expand outwards to claim new planets as your own. The game can be played directly in your web browser without the need to download a client to play and is absolutely free to play. This space based Empire building RTS is an MMO that focuses on managing your resources, time and working strategically to compete against players from across the world.

The first choice a player must make is determining which of the nine available alien empires they wish to be a part of, in the role of a planetary commander it is your duty to expand your borders and bring your rivals to heel in the battle among the stars. With a wide variety of different races, each of which having their own benefits and drawbacks in terms of what game mechanics they are more skilled in: Construction, Navigation, Trading, Battle, Research and Economy. Players can try their luck as the focused and determined Ozoids, the aggressive and savage Zuups, the mysterious subterranean Magumians or the independent and forward thinking Humans.

The main core of the gameplay in Empire Universe 3 is building up your fledgling planet, starting by laying the foundations of some early buildings that will give you access to unlocking new technologies (Research Lab), mining new minerals and metals (Resource Facility), training up your military units (Barracks) and many more buildings. New constructions such as your various unit types as well as the new buildings and their subsequent upgrades are on locked as players learn new technologies and acquire the new resources needed to build them. Resources can be gained in a variety of different ways, from completing quests, mining them from nearby planets or raiding rival players and stealing their resources for your own. Aside from the practical resources players must invest time, something they must manage carefully, as every aspect of the game takes a long period of time depending on the tasks complexity, anything from a few minutes to even a few days or weeks.

Due to the involved in nature of acquiring enough resources to successfully advance your Empire, as well as the time investment needed to learn new technologies and create buildings of unit the more successful players in the game are those who have banded together with other players to form an alliance. As it can take quite some time to build up a strong enough force to successfully defend yourself players often turn to larger alliances and declare their fealty in return for gaining protection against more aggressive organisations looking to pick off the weaker commanders and pillaging their planet for its resources.

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