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Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2 Games

Shadowbound is a browser-based free to play 3D isometric MMORPG that allows players to create and build up their own powerful hero, learn new skills, recruit mercenary companions, unlock new gear and bring legendary Guardians to their side. With every new piece of gear or Ariefacts, by levelling up companions, heroes and Guardians players will increase their Battle Rating, a numeric value that tells them how powerful they are in comparison to other creatures/dungeons and more importantly other players. With a highly developed story driven quest line players will travel across a fantasy realm as they fight evil and dark powers in a plot filled with intrigue and politics.

Gameplay revolves around a very automated system, from clicking hyperlinks in quests looks to automatically run to the next NPC in the quest chain or to take you directly to the required location for a quest. Also, combat is completely automated where players do not have to perform any actions but are responsible for making their party a strong as possible before heading into battle and organising them to determine what automated attacks they will do, which is where the strategy element comes into the game.

Players can choose from three available classes; Warrior, Mage or Hunter and can be selected as either a male or female character, each of which is a predesigned character in the game and the class will determine your best position in a formation as well as you’re starting abilities. From here players must try to unlock companions that will bolster their weaker traits, e.g. if a player chooses a ranged class they will want a melee class to tank up front in their formation. Companions are powerful allies that can be equipped with their own gear and levelled up over time to make them equally or more powerful than the players hero character, similarly players can find powerful Guardians who will unleash massive attacks on enemies that do huge amounts of damage. Where players can find a variety of different companions to switch in and out of their formation depending on the opponent they are facing there are only six Guardians available in the game and players must fully level up each one (up to level 10) before they unlock the next.

Players are able to engage in both extensive PVE content with a wide variety of different dungeons and features as well as the long quest driven story arc, as well as full PVP where they can fight against other players in challenging battle arenas either one on one or as huge groups in an 8V8 Rumble, as well as this players can challenge players on other servers other in 3V3 Arena battles. Through various features players will earn gold, EXP and other items to help improve their characters, their party and their overall Battle Rating. The game is completely free to play but there is also access to a VIP system that gives players more convenience and an overall more accessible gaming experience, players will increase their VIP level by recharging.

ShadowBound screenshot: