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Wolrd of the Living Dead

World of the Living Dead (WoTLD) is a Javascript and text-based free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Players are tasked with commanding and protecting one or more squads of survivors as they roam the deserted streets and fight for survival. Players assume the role of an operative of the National Emergency Control and Relief Agency (NECRA), a government agency tasked with rebuilding civilization. Players cannot control the survivors individually, but instead use squad-level controls to accomplish objectives. The game offers both PvP and PvE elements.

You use a modified Google Maps interface to plan routes to locations where your survivors can scavenge for food, liquids, weapons or other useful supplies. Your survivors can permanently die if they don't get enough food and liquids! Keep them supplied and then you can start taking on more tasks, such as building a safehouse, completing SCUGS missions or joining a faction.

With a complex system of needs, food and water become a critical resource in the game. After passing a certain amount of days without consuming the adequate amount of food or liquid, survivors will start starving and dehydrating, eventually resulting in their death. Not only does this pose a hazard, but hunger and dehydration will also hinder the survivor's performance, slowing him/her down in combat, making them an easier target. WoTLD doesn't believe in second chances. Life in WoTLD is cheap, and thus every expedition must be carefully planned before ordering your people to leave the relative safety of your safehouse. Choose how you want to deal with the apocalypse and develop your characters as they learn how to survive.

Wolrd of the Living Dead screenshot: