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Asterix & Friends

Asterix & Friends
Game Type: Free to play Strategy MMO
Developed By: EA Digital Illusions
Platforms: Windows

This colourful, comic browser-based free to play strategy is set in the world of infamous Franco-Belgian comic Asterix the Gaul, which revolves around a single village of indomitable Gauls that stand up against the occupation of their lands by the Roman Empire. In this “city” and resource management game players will take the reins of the surviving village after the Romans invasion, forced to rebuild and ready themselves for pushing back the foreigners back where they came from. With comic graphics and animations that capture the style of the original comic books and a host of characters both old and new including Asterix and Obelix themselves.

The game itself focuses around building up your village, gathering the resources needed and reconstructing those buildings that had been destroyed. In doing so Warriors, chieftains and other well- known characters from other surrounding villages will gather to your cause bringing with them various skills and ultimately the drive and determination to fight the Roman legionnaires that are camped nearby. The game is pretty casual and not particularly demanding on time or effort so is easy to pick up and play from time to time, one of the main aspects will be managing your time and resources given that everything you can create from buildings to weapons will often require the same types of materials.

Players can venture out from their village to the surrounding countryside to mine for rock, chop down trees for would, go fishing for food and even track wild boar for their meat and hide, all of which will be returned to your village. With enough resources players can choose from a variety of different buildings that will open up all the features and craftable items, however, each building and item will have not only a resource requirement but a level requirement as well, meaning players must gain experience points and level up. XP is gained by performing all manner of tasks and also by completing quests given to you by the various NPC’s.

When ready players can try to engage in combat against the Romans by sending out their villagers, equipped with armour and weapons is that you have built yourself, which in turn will define the strength of each individual villager. Each group of Romans has its own strength value and players can see what the chances are of defeating the enemy in battle before engaging in it, choosing which villagers they would like to fight with and seeing the percent rate of success. If you’re fortunate enough to have Asterix or Obelix as part of your party then of course success is always guaranteed!

Asterix & Friends screenshot: