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Game Style: Free to play Strategy Base Building
Available Platforms: Browser
Developing Studio: Plinga

In Barbarians players are tasked with building up their own town, gathering resources, raising structures, training up an army of Barbarians, then smashing their rivals to pieces in tactical PVP battles. The game revolves around players having to collect resources, establish their own town with various structures, erect defensive weapons and field a powerful army to challenge their foes and raid their bases. Barbarians is a completely free to play strategy MMO and doesn’t require a client download with users able to play it directly through their web browser.

The game has two primary focuses: Defend your base and destroy your enemies. For the former players will need to collect resources, namely gold and wood, these are the basis of practically every building, unit and action used in the game and can be acquired through resource production building (Saw Mill and Mine), as rewards for completing Quests or from attacking enemy players and AI rivals. For the “destroy your enemies” aspect of the game players will have to level up and gain access to a variety of units, from Knights, Archers, Thieves and more, training them up to field a mighty army. Just how “mighty” the army is depends on the level of the Camp, the higher the level the more units a player can train up, although no constructed building can be a higher level than the primary Castle, which must constantly be upgraded. All actions take a certain amount of resources and time, players can spend Crystals (the premium currency that can be bought with cash or earn by completing Challenges) to speed up these processes.

With an army assembled players can attack other players, typically being automatically paired against someone around their level, the player will get a ten second overview of the target players base and their defenses before the attack begins. Once the attack begins players have a few minutes to try and do as much damage and steal as many resources as possible by destroying buildings, however, as with the players own town each base will have defenses such as crossbows and catapults trying to kill the raiding forces. The attacker is able to choose where they wish to place each individual unit with the mouse throughout the battle, grouping them together or spreading them out into different locations. Each unit type has its own primary target that it will head for, some will attack and move, some will attack at ranged, other will focus on defenses, other than placing the unit though the player has no control over the unit once they are placed.

The battle is over when the player has destroyed all the buildings, when all their units have been killed or if the time runs out; the player will earn stars, resources and bonus rewards based on how well they performed. Players will also earn Stones that can be spent to purchase Cards, these cards, which can also be purchased with Crystals, that give boosts and bonuses to units and buildings.

Barbarians screenshot: