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Big Bang Empire

Big Bang Empire

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser, iOS and Android
Development By: Playata

Big Bang Empire is a humorous free to play RPG that sees players emerge as rising stars of the adult entertainment business, working from local sleazy erotic cinema up to the big time with some of the pros in a story mission based narrative that will see the players story advance as they progress through the game. Customize your character, choose their outfit, create movies, form your own studio and get into a few cat fights along the way on your journey to the top. Accessible through web browsers or mobile app (iOS and Android) the game is ideal for players on the go who want a casual and fun rpg to play.

The game has a high level of personal customisation when creating your character, the huge choice of appearance components to choose between, such as eye shape, mouth, nose, skin tone and numerous hairstyles, it’s easy to players to create the porn star that they desire such as a chiselled Spartan of a man, a dorky skinny sex machine or a rogue busty, blonde bombshell was a huge mane of hair. Once created players choose their username, which everyone else will see, so think long and hard of what name you want to see up on the silver screen.

Players are able to add more personal touches with their clothing, multiple slots that can be filled from pussycat headbands, steel toe capped boots, nipple rings, leather thongs and “home-made double dildos” are all up for grabs when trying to create your perfect look. When equipped it will change the players look, in the lower levels players will only real to choose from low-level items that don’t look that great, but as they rise to stardom their wardrobe will grow ever more impressive.

Aside from the obvious cosmetic appearance of clothing it also has different stats attached to each item that will directly increase one or more of the players four key attributes (Stamina, Charisma, Strength and Finesse) that will determine their capabilities in combat. There’s plenty of heavy-handed bouncers, sleazy movie producers and handsy neckbeards out there that your player will need to defend themselves from. When entering combat the player and their opponent take it in turns taking hits at each other, which may hit, the dodged land a critical strike and both will fight back and forth until one player has no more hit points remaining.

There are a wide variety of features in the game ranging from PVE missions players progress the story driven element to PVP against other players in a bid to gain Glory and rise up the leaderboard. Stars are able to direct and create their own movies, choosing the cover, a range of titles and determining the scenery for the movie shoot and paying in game currency to put it into production. Balancing resources is key to the game as is managing your time, every action in the game can take minutes or hours to complete, though many can be done whilst off-line as the character continues to work their day job and make money or shoot movies to bring gain extra rewards.

Big Bang Empire screenshot: