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Big Farm

Big Farm
Game Genre: Farm Management Free to play MMO
Developed By: Goodgame
Platform: Web Browser

In this browser based free to play farm management game players take on the role of a fledgling farm owner, inheriting a farm from your Uncle George who hasnít had much luck in getting the farm off the ground. With advice from a few helpful characters and a little guidance along the way you will quickly raise this rundown farm into a successful and lucrative business as you manage every aspect of construction, production and expansion. The gamesí colourful graphics, simple user interface and casual gameplay will appeal to audiences young and old, from those who wish to pick up and play for a few hours to those who want to spend the evening tending to their chickens, growing their crops and chatting to new friends.

The main focus of the game is building up your farm and improving the various buildings and quality of produce that they can create, which in turn will make a more lucrative business and further help you to expand and improve. By completing various tasks and challenges players will gain experience and level up, which will unlock new abilities, features, buildings and items that can be purchased in the game store. With hundreds of unique items there is always something to work towards in the game and the tasks and challenges given by the NPCís means that players always have a goal that they can aim for.

The available farmland is divided into a large grid made up of various plots, each building, field, decoration, etc. will take up a specific number of squares meaning that players must manage their space efficiently to get the most out of their farm. Buildings require dollars to build (in-game currency), time for construction and workforce to run them, so players must also monitor their resources carefully and be mindful of what they should prioritise. Buildings produce different items that can be spent on the farm, for example, feed for the chickens or fertiliser for the orchard, or sold at the market to bring in more cash, such as flowers and crops.

The game is completely free to play but players can purchase Gold, which is used as the game is premium currency, to buy unique items and buildings from the in game store as well is using it to purchase boost items such as premium fertiliser and generally used to instantly complete build or production times. However, Gold can also be acquired through various challenges and every time the player levels so there is no need to spend any money in order to play the game to its fullest, making Gold simply a time-saving resource.

Big Farm screenshot: