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Genre Type: F2P MMO ARPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: JoyBit

In Chaos players step into the shoes of a powerful Hero, a chosen being that shares the genes of both the Protoss and the Asmodian, the two feuding factions of gods and devils in a battle for the world as the Creator God has disappeared. In this epic saga players will journey to amazing and unimaginable lands fighting against powerful and deadly monsters, Demons and even Satan. The game is a free to play browser-based action RPG with a wealth of features, story content and action combat that focuses on both PVE and PVP.

Starting out players have two different classes/characters that they can choose; the Swordsman and the Paladin. Both are melee focused combatant’s equipped with a sword but the Paladin female focuses on more defensive combat whereas the Swordsman male concentrates more on offensive abilities at the expense of his own defence. Combat in the game is explosive and action packed with players able to switch between their targets, make their own attacks, trigger powerful skills and all with cinematic effects and exciting special moves. Alternatively players are also able to click the Auto Combat button to allow their character to fight for themselves automatically, offering up an AFK type feature.

Whilst players are strong and able to handle themselves in combat they will concentrate on recruiting new Hero Companions to join them in their battle as they accompany their main character and fight alongside them. New Heroes are discovered throughout the duration of the game as players’ level up and reach certain story arc milestones, these Heroes can then be recruited from the Tavern and purchased using crystals. Each Hero has their own abilities, skills and stats and with such a wide selection available players can mix and match various Heroes for their own preferred strategy and combat style. Players can have a maximum of five other companion Heroes on their Team, but each available team slot is only accessed when a player reaches a specific level and so their team size will grow over time.

The main story driven content focuses on a series of quests in a linear format, by completing a quest players will unlock the next one in the chain and be able to attempt it. Quests are instanced based adventures where players Hero companions will accompany them as they must complete a specific objective, typically killing all the enemies in the instance and the final boss. Players are graded on their performance in the battle and awarded XP and silver currency based off their performance rating for the instance.

There are a number of other events that trigger throughout the day at set times from World Bosses, Airship Escort missions to attack and defend other players Airships, the Team Instance is a multiplayer battle to fight a boss with up to 3 players (each with two companions), or even the PVP Arena to fight other players or the Guild Battle where the top 16 Guilds battle it out to be the top four for the semi-finals and then a final held every Sunday, all events yielding great reward to its players.

Chaos screenshot: