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Conflict Of Nations

Conflict of Nations

Genre Type: F2P MMO Real Time Strategy
Platform Accessibility: Internet Browser
Development By: Bytro Labs & Dorado Games

A browser based free to play MMO RTS title, Confilct of Nations is a real time strategic game where players must compete against each other in a bid to take over the world at the onset of a new World War. Form alliances and enemies with real players, master the art of trade negotiations and espionage, assemble a military to protect your lands and further expand your borders as you fight your way across the world map.

The game focuses on real time strategy on a persistent server where even if the player logs off the game continues and events unfold in their absence, leaders must acquire resources to bolster their infrastructure and allow them to develop research into new technologies allowing more powerful military units to engage in full blown warfare. Managing time plays an integral role to any nation as each action, whether learning new technologies, constructing buildings within a city, training up a new military unit, or navigating those units around the world map, all can take minutes, or hours and even days to complete and so a player must quickly learn to prioritise their tasks and be efficient with their resources and time.

Combat is relatively automated once a player has built up its various units and sent them to attack a rival military force or even try to conquer an opponent's city; the strength of the units, the composition of the force from the types of units it is made up of, the type of terrain the battle takes place on, unit morale and more will all factor into who the victor in such a skirmish will be and is calculated by the game. New units can be researched through new technology development, broken down into various branching tech trees for the different unit types (armor units, naval units, infantry units, etc.) players will choose which area they wish to develop as best suits their nation and strategy.

Only two technologies can be researched at once and certain technologies cannot be researched until a specific day from when the new game started, such as more powerful end game technologies cannot be researched until "Day 13". As the game allows the purchase and spending of premium currency using real cash, which can be used to rush technologies, this ensures that players cannot spend their way to the end of the tech tree to get an unbalanced advantage against other players (albeit this would be extremely expensive to do).

Using their military, allies and even spies to infiltrate enemy cities to lower morale and damage infrastructure or sabotage enemy troops, the aim of the game is to capture cities, with each city giving a number of Victory Points to the player based on how important that city is (such as a countries' Capital city being worth a lot of Victory Points). Players, or collective Alliances, must acquire a target number of Victory Points to win the game, at which point the winner is declared and the server is reset.

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