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Crusaders of Solaria

Crusaders of Solaria

Genre Type: F2P action side-scrolling MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2 Games

Cursaders of Solaria is an exciting free to play side scrolling MMO brawler based in a fantasy setting that allows players to build up their own hero, explore it magical realm and fight challenging creatures to earn powerful rewards . Players have two primary classes to choose from, each of which can advance into two different subclasses where they can fight in a large variety of different events and locations working to build up their Battle Rating, a value that shows how strong the player’s character is in comparison to other players and enemy monsters.

The two primary classes are the Knight and the Mage, as players level up they will be able to advance into one of two different subclasses, the Knight can become either a Chaos Knight or a Paladin whereas the Mage can become either a Shadow Mage or a Frost Mage. Each class and its respective subclasses operate completely differently and give a different style of play in combat given the unique abilities that each has access to, and Knight is typically more heavily defended than its Mage counterpart, particularly the heavily armoured Paladin though the Chaos Knight forgoes some defence to improve their attack rating. The Mage however is a high damage dealer is their base class using ranged attacks in combat, the Shadow Mage is able to heal themselves using their eldritch magic as well as something black holes to soak in enemies for massive damage whereas the Frost Mage focuses more on controlling the battleground and their enemies using a variety of Frost attacks to freeze and paralyse opponents.

Players will continuously work towards improving their character, increasing their Battle Rating and learning new skills, which will cost both gold and Warsouls to upgrade, but cannot be upgraded beyond the characters level. Levelling up is done through a variety of events and tasks such as completing Daily Quests, which players can do up to 10 per day and there are different levels of quest that players can perform where Legendary quests are the highest and give out the most rewards. Players can tackle a number of different Dungeons as both solo players or by joining a party by trying to complete it as well as they can and earning a Start Level, the more stars earned from completing a Dungeon quickly and proficiently the more rewards a player will receive, however players are also able to Blitz a dungeon which auto completes it without even fighting, providing they have already completed it once.

Players can earn a variety of gear, clothing, emblems, forged weapons equipped with powerful gems, titles that appear over the players head and more that will increase their characters stats and abilities and ultimately their Battle Rating. Players also have access to the Mystery Shop where they can acquire rare items that are inaccessible elsewhere in the world, the shop shows six items at once, which will refresh every four hours but players can spend Diamonds, the rarer in game currency, to instantly refresh the shop.

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