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Crystal Saga II

A free to play anime MMORPG Crystal Saga II puts players in the role of the hero of the realm, working their way up from an unknown to becoming a powerful fighter against the forces of evil. The game is a colourful isometric topdown RPG that focuses on quest based content, levelling up characters to acquire more powerful gear, and tackling various events, dungeons and challenges that are progressively unlocked as players get stronger. The game can be accessed directly through your preferred web browser and does not need a client download to play.

There are six available classes to play in the game; the powerful physical Knight, the healing Cleric, the dexterous Rogue, the long distance Ranger, the animal taming Beastmaster and the magic casting Mage. The six classes focus on different skills and attributes to make them more powerful, when levelling up players get attribute points and skill points that they can spend; depending on the class players may wish to focus on particular attributes such as improving a Knight’s endurance so that they have more hitpoints and can tank more damage, or the Rogue taking Agility to increase their critical strikes and dodging. Skill points are spent in the two talent trees available to each class, these trees allow a level of customization and will upgrade skills as well as unlocking new ones, that offers a level of customization to diversify the classes. Players can also make themselves stronger by managing their gear, with all types of upgrades, enchantments and socketable gems there are numerous features in place to get the most out of your gear.

The game features lots of quests that follow a main story-arc, introducing players to the world lore and their place in it; quests will follow open world PVE but players can also head into dangerous dungeons for more difficult content and the ability to fight powerful Bosses, with both solo and group based dungeons. A number of events exist in the game such as the World Overlord Bosses, huge creatures that anyone can battle against at certain times in the day; players earn more rewards the more damage they can deal to the Overlord as well as extra loot for killing it.

There are a number of automated systems such as quest autopathing where a link in the quest journal will automatically run the player’s character to the necessary location for the quest, whether to speak to an NPC or go to an area to kill particular enemies. From level 16 the AFK Mode is unlocked and players can actively choose to go AFK so that their character automatically fights nearby enemies; the feature has some tailored elements so the player can choose which nearby enemies to fight, when to use mana and heal potions, what to loot, and other useful options. Going into AFK Mode uses up your AFK time, once this is run out players cannot use the feature unless they acquire an AFK Time coupon or purchase more time with premium crystal currency.

Crystal Saga II

Genre Type: F2P RPG MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2Games

Crystal Saga II screenshot: