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DarkOrbit Reloaded

DarkOrbit Reloaded

Genre Type: F2P Space Strategy MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Bigpoint

In DarkOrbit Reloaded players are pilots of their own starship in the employment of one of three Company factions that have settled in this sector of space: Venus Resources Unlimited, Earth Industries Corporation and Mars Mining Operations. Pitted against each other in an ongoing battle for territory and valuable resources, these three factions and their loyal pilots will do battle across the open theatre of war of space as well as fighting against the ongoing alien threats that challenge their arrival in this part of the Galaxy. Dark Orbit Reloaded can be played directly through your web browser or through Facebook and is completely free to play.

Whilst offering the same fast paced exciting gameplay, Dark Orbit Reloaded now comes with a pristine 3D look having been reworked for months to offer both an improved look and graphical performance for players with special effects and 3D draw distance bringing the game to life more than ever. Whilst the system requirements arenít too demanding players do still have the option of playing in the original 2D graphics if their system is of a lower specification.

In game players will primarily be taking missions from the various NPCs of their faction to head out into space and battle against the alien threat or rival corporations; whilst on these missions players will have to head to distant and dangerous locations. On the journey or when generally flying around players will find plenty of floating ore deposits that they can loot that can be extremely valuable, the amount they can carry depending on their type of ship. There are eleven types of ship to unlock and upgrade that offer different types of play from more tankier and durable ships, to faster vessels with stronger firepower. Players can engage in PVE against challenging AI or go up against players in various PVP battles from traditional Team Deathmatches, Sector Control or the unique Spaceball, a space shooter equivalent of football!

One of the exciting features of Dark Orbit is the Tech Center where players are able to acquire and assemble the various materials in the world to produce a variety of offensive and defensive items such as Drones and Tech Items such as Energy Leech where by inflicting damage on an enemy you in turn heal yourself, or Backup Shields that will instantly activate if your regular shield is destroyed in battle. Players can originally only produce one tech at a time, but with multiple production facilities players are able to produce more items at the same time, with a maximum of three tech items at once.

In a similar fashion players can access the Skylab, their own personally refinery where any ore that is collected in the game can be refined to sell, auction or use to upgrade and create items. The Skylab can be improved with various components giving players something to actively try and work towards and here players can also upgrade their various items such as lasers, rocket launchers, shields and more giving full customization over your ship.

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