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Doom Warrior

Doom Warrior

Genre Type: F2P Duelling MMO
Platform Accessibility: Windows / Linux / Mac / iOS and Android
Development By: Creaky Corpse

In Doom Warrior players are able to rise as an arena combatant, going head-to-head against other opponents in fantasy-based arenas across a huge land, fighting for survival, riches and glory. Starting out as a lowly slave, captured and thrown into the arena to aim the game is to build yourself up, make a name for your champion and prove yourself worthy as your crush opponent after opponent to the cheers of the crowds. This free to play MMO is accessible on various different platforms.

The combat system used in Doom Warrior is particularly simple, using the directional control keys to make different attacks, the WASD keys to respond to an enemy’s attack and try to block them and using powerful abilities imbued in your very armour and weapons using the 1,2,3 keys. The choice of different weapons, fighting styles, key equipment and a various powers there is huge variety of possible combinations to create truly unique characters. A characters combat prowess is determined by a number of different variables, including their base stats as well as the gear that they have equipped and upgraded.

Players will do battle against each other in the Arenas, if successful in a fight player will increase their Battle Points in that particular location, as well as the Battle Points of any clan that they have joined. By accruing enough Battle Points in a particular Arena the player is then able to challenge the Arena Champion in person, a powerful levels scaled version of a real player that have one of the League competition the previous week. Defeating and Arena Champion yields considerably more gold, exp and Battle Points than will typically be earned when fighting a single opponent such as a player, as well as the player can then move onto the next Arena.

The later game focuses mostly on players working towards their clans or individual Ranking, which is determined by the number of Battle Points a player has earned that particular week. Players are able to show their defeated opponents Mercy and letting them leave unhindered or Execute them which will make them lose a portion of their gold and Battle Points in the Arena that they fought, as well as the defeated players Clan losing points as well! The player who earns the most points in a week becomes the champion of that Arena and earns Darkstones, which can be used to imbue weapons special abilities such as casting fireballs, poisonous mists, strength, stamina or blocking boosts and more. Acquiring gear and levelling it up by adding in valuable Runes is a key way to increase a Warriors’ overall stats, which determines how strong they will be in battle.

Artifacts are also something highly sought-after by players as they too can increase a player’s stats similar to equipment, but players can only have one equipped at any one time. Artifacts are on locked by completing specific tasks in a achievement Journal such as executing 10 opponents, and Artifacts have the added bonus of automatically increasing the stats gained from the item as players level.

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