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Genre Type: F2P City Building MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: InnoGames

Experience an exciting fantasy world in Elvenar where, as the leader of your village, you have been tasked with establishing a new settlement for your people in this new land, constructing residences and buildings so that your populous can flourish in their new home. With core elements of resource management and acquisition players will also be able to engage in tactical turn-based combat in this free to play MMO that, after a simple account registration, can be played in your Internet browser.

Players will begin life as either a leader of a Human or Elven village, supported by various NPC characters that will guide you and task you with rewards driven quests players must build, upgrade and expand their territory. The building component of the game revolves around unlocking specific technologies in the extensive tech tree, with each new discovery players can gain access to new building types that can be built on their available land. Players are able to design the layout of their village, individually placing each building, linking them together with a network of roads and watching as the people go about their business.

Buildings primarily work to provide players with valuable resources to help manage and maintain their village and its people, from typical food and beverages, production of tools, the raising of Residences to increase population by which gold is acquired from as well as cultural buildings such as decorative streetlights and plants to keep the people happy. Equally important is the Barracks, used to train up a variety of military units that can be used to either defend the village or tasked with a more aggressive mission and seeking out potential threats in the world.

When exploring the world map players are able to uncover new regions by sending out a Scout, in doing so they will reveal a province and the key locations within it. Each of these locations harbours a Relic that, if acquired, provides the player with a Knowledge Point that can be spent in the tech tree to uncover new technologies (each technology requiring a certain number of Knowledge Points). These relics can be acquired through peaceful negotiation, which requires gold, or through brute force and fighting the inhabitants and claiming the relic for yourself.

When engaging in combat players are taken into an instanced based combat map that is broken up into dozens of hexagonal tiles, at each end of the battlefield stand the respective military forces. Combat takes a turn-based approach with each side moving their individual units around the map as according to their unique movement value and being able to make melee or ranged attacks. With various terrain features such as rocks and trees reducing or hindering movement, players are able to navigate them, use them as cover and utilise different strategies to try and overcome their opponent.

The game doesn’t currently allow for any PVP, focusing on PvE content, however players are able to work together and trade with one another or compete to have the best village where their population and culture value will determine their position on the Ranked leaderboard.

Elvenar screenshot: