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Empire Universe 2

Empire Universe 2 is a space browser-based Massive Online Game where you can chose your own path in the galaxy, developed by Looki Games for internet browsers. Choose from 9 different races with their own unique stats and starting places in the galaxy map. Collect 10 different resources via mining asteroids and wreckages or through your planet’s resource mines, customise 21 different spaceship chassis with over 66 components allowing for a lot of room for experimenting. With 146 different technologies to research it is a long spanning game that cannot be either won or lost. There is a strong focus on allied gameplay and it promoted teamplay whether you decide to join one of the many empires out there or create your own. Use your warships to fight real time battles against hundreds of opposing players and train ground troops to act as your last line of defence for when all your warships have been destroyed.

Choose your race between Jamozoids(The Jamozoids once were a nation very bond with nature, a nation that lived in symbiosis with themselves and their world), Weganians (The Weganians are a monument of a species’ will to survive), Magumians (little is known about the mysterious Magumians because their underground cities hide before the eyes of foreign nations), Humans (The origin of humanity lost itself lies in the mists of the past. It is known that the people had to adapt to very different climatic conditions), Cyborgs (The cyborgs have the same origin as the human race), Ozoids (The Ozoids live in a strictly hierarchical tribal culture), Mosorians (The Mosorians come from the planet Heyao VII, a world heavy tormented by storms of gas), Zuups (The main culture of the Zuup evolved from nomadic people), and Plentropian (the Plentropians may not look like it, but these creatures are the true geniuses at the screwdriver and the best inventors of the universe).

Ready to play in your browser, It features the world’s first 3D space graphics engine using javascript. It offers real-time battles, interactive battle reports, 10 different resources, 21 different spaceship-chassis. Spaceships can fully put together modularly from 66 different components. Already built spaceships can be reconstructed or upgraded- commanders affect the strength of a fleet. 146 technologies. Strong focus on alliances to promote teamplay. The alignment (Neutral, Researchers, Warrior, Pirate, Trader, Bounty hunter) of a player is based on his style of play. Players can be grouped into empires. And intergalactic policy.
Choose your alignment through the actions you take in the game you can become a scientist, pirate, warrior, trader and bounty hunter. With over 120,000 planets in 10,000 sectors there is plently of space for everyone.

Empire Universe 2 screenshot: