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Eredan Arena

Eredan Arena / Genre: Free to play Fantasy Trading Card Game (TCG) / Platform Available: Internet Browser / Developer: Feerik

The nefarious Amnezy has captured the members of the nine hero Guilds of Eredan, putting them to battle in an arena of her own devising, forcing heroes to fight against their companions or alongside old rivals for her entertainment and revenge. In this trading card game (TCG) that can be played in your Internet browser, and is absolutely free, players control their team of five unique heroes in battle against rival players in the hopes of achieving fame, glory and fortune.

The game consists of a match of five bouts, were each hero will get a chance to fight against the opponent in one-on-one combat, where in other TCGs players can match up different combinations of cards to support each other and use different tactics, in Eredan Arena each hero fights on their own relying on the heroes’ own strengths and abilities to win their around. The first player to win three bouts is declared the winner and earns extra XP, however both players still get a chance to select a random reward from a treasure chest that can yield Red Gems to spend in the shop or new heroes; duplicated heroes can be sold or used to rank up a hero you already have of the same type.

Success in combat itself relies solely on two mechanics; the heroes Standard Attack and their Special Ability. Each hero has a standard attack value that shows how much damage they will cause with an unmitigated attack, secondly they have a potential special ability that they can try to perform. These abilities generally deal extra damage, boost their standard attack or debuff their enemies’ attacks in some way. The higher the level of hero the more powerful these special abilities become, but can also often be harder to perform.

The actual fights rely on random dice rolls; six dice are rolled, each of which is made up of four different icons: a Grey Sword, a Blue Fireball, a Yellow Symbol and a Red Strength. Players are able to all these dice and lock down individual dice results to keep the lock in a standard attack or and lock in the required icon combinations to perform their special ability. For example a simple combo may only require the player lock in a single Blue Fireball icon, for each icon of this type they managed to lock in they will perform that special ability, similarly if their special ability requires one Blue Fireball and one Red Strength they must try to lock this combo in one or more times, as well as locking in Grey Swords to perform their standard attacks. Each player gets three rolls of the dice to try and lock in their desired combos before the attacks are made; the winner of the round is the person who deals the most damage.

Eredan Arena screenshot: