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Eternal Saga

Developed by Reality Squared Games for internet browser, Eternal Saga is a free-to-play MMORPG which let you explore new worlds while fighting a fierce demon Invasion. Team up with your friends, build a unique and powerful set of skills and fight powerful enemies.

During their adventure in the beautiful world of Eternal Saga, players will meet several type of mounts and pets which are useful steeds and loyal companions. The pets will help the players during the battles against the other factions in both PvP and PvE. They can be raised to fight at your side, boosting your Battle Rating. Pets can also be upgraded to improve their attribute values. There are also a variety of mounts which can be collected. Players can feed their mounts with old equipment in order to improve them. They will start with a simple paper airplane as mount and they have the chance to improve it or find new mounts.

In this game you can enjoy a number of interesting activities, such as multiplayer and single player game modes, and daily events. The PvP modes include Faction wars and Guild Wars. In the single player modes you can find Aquatic Treasures, Fishing and Armour Shore. There are also several types of daily events, such as Star Shrine, Great Escort and Demonhunt.

In Eternal Saga, players start the game by creating a character and choosing a faction. The game offers all the typical and most loved element of the genre while adding its own unique twists. There are three unique classes to choose from: the Mage, who wields a staff and is good at ranged combat and magic attacks, the Warrior, a strong and powerful class which is good at melee combat and defense and uses swords to fight, and the Hunter, which wields a bow and is the master of ranged combat and high critical damage attacks.

Eternal Saga screenshot: