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Genre Type: F2P Farming MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Bigpoint

Fantasyrama is a classic build, grow, harvest MMO where players are able to grow various plants and animals in their fantasy themed garden, gain XP to level up and unlock new features, acquire improved plants and animals and continue a cycle as they compete in a friendly way with other players to have the best garden in the game. This MMO can be accessed directly through your preferred web browser and has simple point and click controls making it suitable for adults and children alike, bolstered by its cute and colourful graphics and pleasant background music and theme it is a fun, family friendly game.

The core gameplay revolves around players enhancing and expanding their garden, starting out as plain grassland they will advance it with various flowerbeds, animal enclosures and aesthetic decorations. Using the Star Coins in game currency that is acquired through completing various actions as well as performing tasks and quests for the games NPCs players are able to purchase a variety of seeds that they can sow in their flowerbeds or creature enclosures that they can construct in the area. The buildable space is finite so players must choose wisely what they wish to place and where, subsequently they can remove features when they wish to place down improvements or move items around. Also in the case of flowerbeds players can simply choose to plant a different seed each time and the Creature enclosures can be upgraded to advance the type of creature that is bred there.

To grow both creatures and plants players require a variety of resources, primarily water and food. Water is gained from the Eternal Spring, whereas food for plants comes in the form of Ambrosia fertiliser that can be gained in many ways such as harvesting plants or gathering grown creatures and clearing out their enclosures. To feed the creatures players must create various feeds in the Feed Mill, to do so players must have access to different types of plants in their garden that will grow the required food, creating a symbiotic relationship between creatures and plants. Players can access the Divine Alter to acquire Pixie Dust and Magical Feed that will help speed up the time it takes for plants and enclosures to fully grow and be harvested. Other features such as Trees, Creamagi pets such as dragons, and a wide list of decorations to spice up any garden can also be created.

With every action taken in the game, from cleaning out pens, planting seeds or watering plants players will gain Experience Points that will in turn increase their level; as players level up they gain access to new features in the game that opens up more options and more complex gameplay. Such features as the Cultivation Lab allow players to use magic and try to combine various and combinations of trees to create unique trees for their garden or, if they are lucky, Legendary trees that will be the envy of all other players.

FantasyRama screenshot: