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Fragoria is a NEW browser based MMORPG with amazing quality of graphics and world structure.

Fragoria transports each player into a fascinating and exciting world. The game took two years to develop, and represents a landmark in browser game development with its depth of gameplay and animation quality. Fragoria is a real-time flash game the likes of which have never before been seen in the browser game environment. The depth and wide range of functions represents the next generation in browser games.

The isometric 3D graphics based on the latest Flash technology enable a real multi-player experience in direct combat with other heroes. Fragoria's depth of gameplay is created by the many maps, worlds and carefully designed details. Players can enjoy an unparalleled gameworld with more than 40 different locations. Players also have a choice of 50 combat skills or training options in seven different magic schools. In addition to the guilds, players can join single or several groups where they can plan their next move and create missions.

Each player can personally equip their character with numerous objects, clothes and weapons so that their hero is optimally prepared for the upcoming tasks and adventures. Through hundreds of quests, the players show themselves to be gladiators, hunters, wizards or druids. The characters hone their magic powers in seven magic schools, after which they can become other characters with different magic powers or change their own form or characteristics with the help of 100 magic potions.

Fragoria screenshot: