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Hero Zero

In Zero Hero you play as a fledgling hero looking to make his or her name in the world. Beginning your career as a low level neighbourhood watch type and helping old ladies cross the street and stopping the local bully from stealing peoples Wi-fi to pirate download his Hip Hop, you will in time grow to be a renowned superhero.

By taking on missions, either Fighting or Time missions, you will earn coins and EXP. EXP is used to level up your characters abilities, improving their stats and getting new powers to become a more formidable hero. By levelling up you will also begin to unlock all new areas in the dangerous city and take missions more suited towards an up and coming superhero, both missions and increasing stats will take time, but these can be completed instantly by using premium currency.

The coins that you will acquire through missions or through your day job, a nice source for extra coin, will primarily be used to buy items in the in-game shop to purchase all manner of crazy costume pieces and wacky accessories. Everything from full on Elvis Suits to Pink Blow-dryers as your main weapon, your gear will not only increase your abilities but it will make your character more memorable and help them stand out from the crowd.

Players are also able to challenge each other in PvP combat, a private duel where the winner will gain Fame to show themselves as one of the most skilled heroes around. Also players can band together and create teams where they can also fight each other for gold and honour and are rewarded with trophies.

Overall Hero Zero is a fun and quirky game, very casual in practice but bring a light humorous tone that is friendly to children and interesting to adults looking for a simplistic game. The illustrated characters and backgrounds are beautifully detailed and really add to the superhero comic book style that the game has adopted.

Hero Zero screenshot: