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Ikariam is a browser game real time strategy massively multiplayer (MMORTS), whose aim is the colonization and conquest though, attaches great importance to trade and diplomacy. It was developed in Germany in 2008 by the programming undertaking on-line games Gameforge. Thousands of players can participate simultaneously in a virtual world set in the historic old age, with inspiration from classical and Hellenistic Greece in the morphology of the buildings.

The player receives a small polis should be expanded to build a great empire economic and / or military, and eventually by founding new cities called colonies.

The city is adjacent to other cities on the same island with a wonderful offering a particular bonus for each city on the island. In turn, this island is close to other islands forming an archipelago. The game world consists of archipelagos, being able to give two types of battles: Maritime and Land.

There are five raw materials: wood, marble, wine, sulfur, and Crystal (in Latin America, wood, Grape, Powder and Glass). Then there is the Gold, obtained in different ways. Wood is in all the islands and therefore is available to all players since the start of the game. Furthermore, the four remaining resources (so-called luxury resorts) are divided according to the island, each island having only one type of them. All resources are essential, Trade and the Looting play a key role in the game.

In the colonies can also be corruption, which causes a decrease in the level of citizen satisfaction in the colony as well as the production of resources. This situation can be reversed with each level of an exclusive building for the Governor's residence called colony.

Moreover each polis, according to their level of its stores, has a number of action points. These are used to carry out actions that the city origin, such as attacking or transporting goods, and regenerate the action to be completed.

The game is free, takes place in a web environment, so it requires only a Web browser. Each language has a different number of servers themselves, which are added to meet demand from new players. However this game does not transmit viruses, as some believe, so it can rely on this as it is a safe and free to the public.

Ikariam screenshot: