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Imperia Online

In the world of Imperia Online, the burden of the crown can be shared!

It's a dark and cruel age, where Fortune favors the strong and where one's rights are asserted by the sword. It is in this realm, full of treacherous neighbors and ambitious rulers, that you must transcend your humble origins and carve out a seat of power for yourself.

Rally your loyal subjects and put them to work, laying the foundations of your great Empire. Diligent workers will labor for your treasury day and night; within the halls of your universities and academies wise scholars will research the technologies needed to give you an edge; and your industrious spies will scour foreign lands and cities, looking for new opportunities for you to stake your claim.

Acquaint yourself with the Great People in your court, and exploit their talents to your advantage. A wise Governor can fill your coffers to the brink, or help you raise an impressive army. A brave General can turn the tide of even the most desperate battle, or his skills can preserve the lives of your precious troops.

Cast your conquering gaze upon new territories, and choose your way of subjugating them. Annex a province to gain full control of it, or turn it into your vassal and tax its people to your heart's content. Build prosperous colonies to cast your shadow over even the farthest corners of the realm, or to lay claim to the most bountiful areas of resources. Expand the reach of your influence with trade and military posts: in this world, economic power is just as important as the strength of your armies, if not even more so.

Beware, though! You're not alone in this world, and many a would-be-conqueror will rattle their weapons at your gates. Take caution, build your castle and raise your walls tall and strong. And when that's not enough forge an alliance with your trusty friends!

Where one man may fall, a strong brotherhood will persevere. Shoulder to shoulder with your allies, you will train armies, conquer new territories, and take part in bloody battles against your common enemies. Pooling your resources will allow you to achieve what no single Empire could, and researching common technologies will benefit all members of the alliance. A common goal is set before you: nine Castles, spread throughout each realm, and should you capture them, you may strengthen the empires of your alliance, or severely handicap the progress of your foes. Amass riches and power, expand your influence, and when the end of an era approaches prepare for the ultimate challenge!

The Lords of the Realm competition is the crucible of war that will try your skills and valor; an event that starts near the end of each Era, it is where the true champions are determined. Armies will die, castles will fall and the fields will run red with the blood of the fallen when the mightiest alliances in the realm clash against each other in a final contest of might. As the dust settles, only the worthy will be left standing, and the rest will be but dust on the pages of history.

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