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King of Towers

King of Towers

Genre Type: F2P MMO Tower Defense
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Shinezone

This fun and free to play browser-based tower defence MMO game takes a classic genre and adds a number of twists and extra features to create a well rounded out game where players can level up and unlock extra systems and abilities through gameplay to give them more options and customisation with their game. King of Towers is set in a fantasy realm and revolves around the struggle between the Kingdom and invading forces of the orcs after years of peace.

The game takes on traditional Tower Defence where players must construct towers by the side of a road that enemies will automatically travel long in the hopes of reaching the other end of the road to your territory. Enemies are summoned in waves, made up of different enemy types, and will simply walk to the other side of the map on the set route whilst a players’ constructed Towers automatically attack them as they pass; the objective is to defend your territory from all the waves on a particular map stage, if too many enemies skipped past your defences than the player will fail the level.

Enemies come in different forms depending on the level that the player is attempting (players are able to return to previously completed levels and try them at more challenging difficulty settings). These enemies may move faster, have stronger armour, be able to heal each other or even fly, this means that they are strong against certain Towers and vulnerable to others, the strategy comes in that during a wave the enemy forces can be made up of any combination of enemies so players must think fast when choosing their defences.

Towers can only be placed in specific locations on the map and come in for primary forms. The Archer Tower has a rapid reload time so can shoot fast and is ideal for taking down quick enemies and flyers, the Mage Tower penetrates the armour of an enemy and so is good for taking down armoured foes, the Cannon Tower does splash damage and can seriously hurt enemies when they are grouped together, and the Barracks Tower summons unit defenders to block the path of the enemy, fighting them and holding them back. Players have a finite amount of money when they start the game, with more earned as they kill enemies, which can be used to place Towers or upgrade ones that have already been placed to make them stronger.

Players also get access to different spells, such as summoning militia anywhere on the road, similar to the defenders from the Barracks Tower but a lot weaker, or the Static spell that will shock a single enemy for a high amount of damage or the Hail spell that deals damage to an area. These abilities and spells and more can all be upgraded in the Kingdom using a number of different features that are unlocked at different levels, players can also construct various items to help them in battle, recruit Heroes from the Tavern (unique units that can be moved around the map) and various other features to customise their Towers in game.

King of Towers screenshot: