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Kingory, developed by Joyport, brings player in to the past brilliant and enthusiastic three kingdoms period, it's a browser based strategy game set in China during the era of the three kingdoms. The player plays the role of a king, who starts from a small city and becomes a king ruling the world by making great effort. In the game, player will have chance to make famous generals of the three kingdoms period as his own and experience famous battles in the history of three kingdoms and even change the history. Ready to play directly in your browser, city construction is the most basic link in SLG; all development should be based upon it. Kingory provides you with many buildings, among which you can choose one with favorable function as your own city. With simple constructing process, and clear direction, you can make your city impregnable. You can create a Government, a cottage, a college, a tavern, a market, a warehouse, a rally spot, a barrack, a hero lounge, an embassy, a foundry, an armory, a stable, an outpost, a beacon towers or walls. Cash gift is used to buy items in the store, and inquire about information in tavern, and it is used between businessman, not players who should buy items themselves, and the items they buy is banded and not tradable. Players can gain items by activities, tasks, gifts and so on.

In Kingory, there are a lot of equipments to increase the traits. Each battle will make the equipment decrease the lasting. When the equipment drop to 0, gamer will fail to increase the traits. Gamers can use gold to repair the equipment but the equipment would not last long as repair many times. In addition to that, gamers also can use jewelry to recover the equipment.The equipment can get via the battle, treasure box open or join the events with officer. There are twenty kinds of technologies, which will upgrade in effect and strength with the development of technology level. For example, indoctrination can shorten the time of soldier’s training; projectile can increase the distance of long range attacking. At the meantime, these are the prerequisite of developing advanced buildings and soldiers. In Kingory, the upgrading of buildings and soldiers is related to technology tree, so the player should pay attention to balanced development of skills. If not upgrade skill, player cannot go on in the game.

Kingory screenshot: