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Knight's Fable

Knight’s Fable

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2 Games

In Knights Fable players are able to choose from for unique classes in a fantasy themed world where players must work to levelling up their hero to make them more powerful, unlocking new skills and game features as they progress. This threat the game players will gain access to new heroes and beasts to improve their battle rating as well as acquiring powerful magic items to aid them in their quests. Knight’s Fable is a free to play game that does not require any downloadable client to play and can be accessed in your browser.

Players begin the game by creating their character with a choice of four different pre-made characters: the powerful arcane Magi, the dexterous Fighter, the impenetrable defensive Knight or the buffing support Spiritus. Each character plays differently and has unique skills and abilities to their class, however they are only this starting point for your battle party, which consists of the various heroes that players have unlocked, putting them into different positions and formations to confer stat bonuses and combos to the rest of the group’s. Players are also able to work together by grouping up and taking up a battle position themselves instead of an NPC hero when used in group PVP or PVE.

One of the main features of the game is the Hell Dungeon, open from level 18 players can enter a dungeon and try to conquer it to acquire epic loot, with 15 free attempts per day to conquer the dungeon after which the player will consume their stamina. In the dungeon players can successfully obtain Hell Gems which can be exchanged for items. There are other PVE focused features such as the World Boss feature that allows players to advance quickly by defeating challenging bosses that will in turn and them huge amounts of silver and wisdom. Players can only challenge the world boss once they reach level 29, and the boss, the great Dragon “Iron Wing”, only appears on a shard between 9 PM and 10 PM each day and those who manage to do the most damage will receive extra bonuses as well as the player that manages to do the last kill.

Players must acquire new heroes as they play the game, some of which can be gained through the Tavern feature through random Hero Cards, managing and upgrading these heroes is a vital component to making a successful battle party. Players can equip their heroes with powerful items and also have the ability to transfer the I NT and Out to choose of any hero’s that they do not want to a newly created hero, both of which are vital for a hero’s progression.

Whilst the game has many elements that are ideal for solo-based play there are a number of larger group orchestrated events such as the Alliance War, a unique battle that only players who have joined an Alliance, a cooperative group of players that work together for a common goal and receive rewards and bonuses in the process.

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