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League of Angels

League of Angels

Game Theme: F2P Fantasy MMORPG
Platform: Internet Browsers
Developer: Uuzu

In this fantasy free to play browser-based MMO RPG players control their own character destined to be the hero of both the human and heavenly realms as they do battle against the forces of evil Dark Lord. Players will take on quests, level up their character to unlock new abilities, buy, loot or be rewarded with powerful gear items and even bring skilled hero and Angel allies into their party as they continue their journey together facing enemies in battle.

Gathering up Angels to your side is obviously one of the focal points of the game, given that it is called League of Angels. Angels will be met throughout players journey, each of them having their own skills in combat as well as powerful halo buffs to aid their party companions. Players begin their journey with Nocturna, the first angel that is encountered in the game at the very beginning who is saved from the abyss prison in which she was captured. Previously this angel protected lonely travellers in the night that slept by the roadside. From here a number of different Angels will be unlocked from Boadicea, the angel of war five protection and strength to any Warriors in need, Prospera who provides her bounty to the common folk and farmers when they plead her name to Marina who is the angel of the oceans and protector of sailors.

Angels play a vital role in the game as they will help you fight against enemies in combat, granting their abilities and making devastating attacks. When an angel is bound to a character they will gain XP and level up so that they too can increase their stats and skills to further help the player. Angels can also be given Astral Tears, and item earned typically through completing quests, that can be used to give a bump in XP to a chosen angel.

As well as Angels players can gather Heroes once they have unlocked the Recruit feature. Purchased in a tavern with herosouls, items that are gathered from card draws, two of which are given freely every day or players can draw extra cards using gold or the Diamonds premium currency. As there are only two classes to choose from in game, a warrior or a mage, the heroes offer a number of different classes and roles in the party that players cannot fill themselves such as healers, hunters or other strikers. The heroes and Angels combined in a party and the formation that is used is of the most important ones battle begins, combined with the gear that the character, heroes and Angels have been equipped with. Combat is completely automated and so preparation and strategy for building your team will determine how well a player kills in battle, each side performing their actions automatically with no involvement from the player once the fight has commenced. If a player loses a battle they may have to reconsider their chosen heroes, Angels, gear and formations before trying again.

League of Angels screenshot: