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Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor

Genre Type: F2P MMO Castle RTS
Platform Accessibility: Browsers
Development By: Goodgame Studios

In Legends of Honor players are the rulers of their own castle and lands, sworn to one of three powerful factions that vie for power and influence over the realm; as a fledgling lord you are tasked with establishing your Castle and raising a devastating army to bring the downfall of your rivals. The game is a traditional Castle building real time strategy focusing on resource gathering, castle construction and building up units to fight in PVE against challenging AI threats and hundreds of real world players. The game is completely free to play and can be accessed without the need of a bulky client download, instead it is conveniently accessible through your web browser.

When starting out any Castle needs a good supply of resources; Coins, Wood, Stone and Food, the first three are typically needed to construct a wide variety of buildings or upgrade them, everything from resource production buildings such as Houses (Coins), Woodcutters Hut (Wood), Stone Quarry (Stone) and Farmhouse (Food), or utility buildings like a Barracks, Smithy and even decorations to keep the castle inhabitants happy. Wood and Stone can also be earned by actively clicking the respective Mountains and Forests adjacent to your castle to get extra resources, though players only get 1 of their respective resources per click, it does mean players can actively earn resources whilst they wait. Food is used to feed units as an ongoing maintenance, without food units will desert the army and leave your territory unprotected. A fifth resource is time; every action in the game such as building, training or upgrading can take minutes or even hours to complete, so players must constantly plan ahead of what they wish to prioritise, alternatively they can rush productions using the premium Gems currency.

With resources acquired and buildings constructed the next step is to build up an army; with a handful of base units to choose from players will spend resources to amass these in number and even have the ability to upgrade such unit types to improve their battle techniques. Aside from units themselves players can also produce Unit boosts to give them an extra attack or defensive benefit in battle. Once units have been recruited they can be assigned to an available Hero; as players level up they will unlock new Heroes, each with their own stats and bonuses, who are then able to move around the open world map seeking out enemies and rivals.

When on the world map players can switch between their armies, identified with an icon of the Hero that controls them, and use them to move around the map, attacking rival Heroes, players Castles or enemy AI. As well as the resources that can be claimed from a victory in battle players can also acquire loot from their kills that they are able to equip to their Heroes to make them stronger; players get to choose whether they try to assault a target for resource gain or fight for pure destruction where the fight continues until one side is completely eliminated.

Legends of Honor screenshot: